Us mums have to do a lot of work to provide our families with everything they need, so if anyone deserves a holiday, it’s us! If you’re craving a family holiday, you may need to put those visions of exciting, far-flung destinations and classy hotels to one side. With kids in tow, you need to put a lot of time and effort into the planning if you want the holiday to be a success. Here’s what every new mum should know when planning their first family holiday…

Where You’ll Be Staying


You may have been happy in cheap B&Bs and shabby-chic hotels when you were travelling as a student, but now that you have kids to take care of, you need to spend a little more time thinking about accommodation. Hotels aren’t always ideal when you have a toddler or baby, as they may not have kitchen facilities you can use to stick to your meal plans. Also, you may have to worry about a crying baby keeping the other guests up at night. Furthermore, with a hotel, you’re going to be confined to a single room once the kids have gone to bed, which will mean there’s no real space for you and your partner to relax as a couple. Your best options are villas and cabins, as these will provide your own enclosed space with all the facilities you’ll typically need.

How Much You Can Spend On What



When you go on holiday with your children for the first time, it’s likely that you’ll spend far more time in your accommodation than you had before, especially at night. With this in mind, it’s usually worth spending slightly more on your accommodation, and getting the most of it for all the time you’re there. You may head down to the beach, or take a short trip into town, but when you’ve got a new family in tow, it’s generally best to have a comfortable base of operations you can spend time in whenever you need to. Aside from that, make sure you have an emergency fund aside from all your spending money before you set off on your holiday. With this being your first family holiday, it’s pretty likely that there’ll be at least a few surprise expenses; last-minute taxis, entry to events you didn’t know about, caravan repairs, eating out. It’s always good to have a buffer, even if you don’t end up needing it!

What your Transfer Schedule Is


It’s best to aim for the simplest possible transfer. This might mean getting picked up by the villa owner or hotel staff, choosing a car hire company based near the airport, or keeping tabs on local public transport. You’re probably going to feel exhausted, and a little grumpy, after the journey. When you’ve got kids to look after, winging your travel arrangements can quickly become much more stressful than you’d expected. Simple things like knowing exactly when and where you’ll be picked up to get to your accommodation can do wonders for your stress levels.

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