Caravan trips are coming back into fashion. Although you might not have seen Victoria Beckham or Gigi Hadid sunning themselves at a campsite just yet, getting back to basics is something that’s becoming more and more popular across the world. People are taking their kids on caravan trips around Europe to take in some culture – and of course they’re also taking their families to the local campsite to chill out for a few days. If you can’t decide whether a caravan holiday is for you, here are a few reasons that they’re great.

You’re Completely Flexible

First of all, you’re entirely flexible. You can go whenever you want and you can take however long you want to get there – you won’t be panicking about check-in times at airports, which can definitely create a bad atmosphere at the start of a trip. If you aren’t enjoying one location, that’s okay – you can move onto another campsite and take your handy mobile home with you. If you want to go away for a few days, you don’t have to spend months planning – you can get your caravan from its outdoor caravan storage location, throw some possessions in there, and go. 


You Can Take Whatever You Want With You

Most airlines have a baggage allowance, meaning that you can only take bags that are a certain size and weight with you, or you’ll have to pay a pretty prohibitive costs when you get to the airport. This can be stressful, particularly if you’re embarking on a long trip or if you have young kids who need a lot of supplies. If you go on a trip in a caravan, you can take pretty much whatever you want with you. Caravans have a huge amount of storage space and of course there are no weight restrictions. This means that you can take as many of your kids’ favourite toys with you if you want, you can carry a few extra books for yourself, and you don’t have to leave that extra pair of shoes at home.

It’s A Chance To Spend Time Together

Going on a caravan trip is a great way to spend time with your family. Although you may be worried that you’ll be packed in like sardines, the truth is that caravans actually have a huge amount of space, so you won’t get too irritable with each other and you can all easily retreat to your own corners if need be. Plus, when you’re on the campsite, you’ll have a lot of space to spread out in, and you’ll be able to find different people to spend time with. But caravanning holidays will give your family a great opportunity to enjoy spending time together – you can play games, go on day trips – after all, you’ll have your car so you’ll be able to travel around once you reach your campsite – and spend quality time together that you may not get to do during the rest of the year.

Caravan holidays are fun and flexible – there’s nothing not to like!