Some kids are naturally confident, while others are shy and anxious. While much of this can be down to their individual personalities, there are ways you can help your kids grow in confidence. It might take time, but helping them to grow in confidence while they are young will do a lot of good as they age. They’ll be more confident when it comes to making friends, taking tests, and later, going to job interviews. Take a look at what you can do to help your kids grow in confidence:

  1. Love Your Child Unconditionally

Loving your child might seem like a given, but it’s still worth mentioning as it’s one of the most important things you can do for them. Your child needs to feel accepted for who they are and loved by the people closest to them, and that means you. Unconditional love builds a strong foundation for confidence. You’re bound to make a few mistakes, as all parents do. If you lose your temper with your child or realise you have been passive aggressive with them, make sure you apologise. Staying in control of your emotions and loving your child unconditionally is the most important starting point. 

  1. Praise Them – But Make Sure You Do It Properly

Praise and positive feedback are two more important things your child needs to develop confidence. Kids base their achievements on what you think, so they need to know that they are doing great. However, if your child is trying at something but they don’t have much skill in it yet, praise the effort but don’t tell them that they are a genius. The key to praise is being realistic – if you constantly tell them that they are amazing at something and a natural, they could become crippling perfectionists later on down the line. Then, if something comes a little harder to them, they are more likely to give up. Make sure they know that not everything has to be perfect, and talk to them about practice and how important it is if they want to get better at something. 

  1. Help Your Child To Set Realistic Goals

Help your child to set realistic goals and things that they can aim for. For example, you could take them to piano lessons for kids and encourage them to be able to play their favourite song by the end of the year. Goals will differ for everybody, but make sure they are both realistic and motivating. 

  1. Model Self Love 

Your child is going to look to you for examples of confidence. Make sure you model the behaviour you’d like to see in them. Love yourself and practice positive self talk. If you talk badly about yourself in front of your children, they will grow up doing the same to themselves. They learn everything from you, so make sure you’re teaching them how they should be treating themselves. 

  1. Let Your Child Know They Can Talk To You About Anything

You must practice non-judgement and be able to control your emotions if you want your child to talk to you about anything. If you fly off the handle whenever they tell you something or you make them feel bad, they are less likely to confide in you. 

  1. Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity, especially sports, can help confidence in numerous ways. It’ll teach your kids to handle defeat, expand their circle of friends, stay fit, and so much more. 

  1. Be Consistent

Your children will always be more confident when they know who is in charge, and what to expect from you. Boundaries are so important – your child will try to push them from time to time, but consistency is how you show them right from wrong and what you will accept. Even if they complain that your rules are too strict, deep down, they will still feel comforted and secure. Learning and following rules gives children a sense of security and confidence. Remember, you’re their parent. You’re not their friend. It’s not essential that they like you all the time. 

Helping your child to grow in confidence is an ongoing process, and a lot of it is about how you act and speak, not just how they view themselves and their achievements. Make sure you practice what you preach, maintain consistency, and do everything else possible to help your child feel confident, safe, and secure. 

Do you have any advice for parents who are looking to help their kids build confidence? Leave a comment! 

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