We’re in the process of selling our family home and travelling around Australia.  It was really one of those “why not” moments and it seems that after a crazy couple of months getting organised, we’re in the thick of it.  We’re staying in the van to give it a good test drive, while hundreds of people troop through our house and we hope someone falls in love with it as much as we did.

I digress…

All of this means I just packed the bare basics of our life into the back of the car to move our family into a caravan for an extended period of time.  My son just turned two, he was still in a cot until we packed up all of his stuff except the essentials and a handful of toys and moved him into a big boy bed – the caravan bunk!  Stressful much!

Obviously I packed clothes, bedding, toiletries and eating gear.  I’ve wound everything back and a few surprise items made the cut and I’m really glad they did.

Here’s some of the things we packed from home to bring on our extended travels around Australia…

The boon drying rack – patch – although I don’t use this for baby bottles anymore, I do use it to dry dummies on the twig accessory and I use the grass to dry our wine glasses and drink bottles.  Luckily it fits perfectly in the small nook behind the sink!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.38.04 PM


Brolly Sheets – these were a hot tip from my bestie and mum of 3 and also mentioned in the low tox course I did last year with Alexx Stuart.  Essentially you wrap them over the top of the sheet and you babe sleeps on that.  Then if there are any accidents, you can whip off the brolly sheet – add your spare and you have a clean bed.  Brilliant – so I got a couple of sets to use in the van – they’ve washed up really softly.  After popping his legs back into bed what feels like 4000 times on the first night, I bought a bed rail, but it didn’t fit the caravan mattress and now I’m using his woollen cot blanket rolled up to make a bumper – after seeing a pool noodle hack on pinterest, so far so good!


A silicon Placemat – I have a cloud version but have since spotted this bear!  How beyond cute!   This is brilliant, it rolls up to nothing, wipes up easily and saves plates and bowls sliding all over the table.  I almost stole it to use myself tonight!


His Kids Camelbak and Klean Kanteen drink bottles with the sippy lid attachment and his wow cup – Yes three!…. primarily the camelbak for the car and walks because it doesn’t leak and the Klean Kanteen for around the van, it’s reasonably leak proof but I tool the silicon bit out of the top so it was easier to drink from and my son can’t be trusted to pour the water out.  The wow cup goes into the corner of his bed at night so he can have a drink of water if he needs too.  I love that the klean kanteen is stainless steel so can handle the rough life of a toddler boy and be totally chemical free, so that’s my preference most of the time.


Snack Containers – These stainless containers from Kids Konserve are the best.  Really handy sizes to throw a variety of snacks or lunch to eat on the go.


Insulated Lunch bag – I used this to transport all his medicine panadol, nurofen etc that I normally keep in the fridge and use it to just keep stuff cool when we’re on the go.  The medium is a brilliant size for a couple of the snack containers.


Thermometer – I’ve loved this since newborn days and it goes most places with us.  As well as measuring body temps, you can also use it to see room temperature.  So it comes with me anywhere I won’t take a gro egg!  Over the last week, I’ve used it just to see how cold it actually is given we picked up the new van in the middle of winter.  This morning was a cosy 11.2 degrees and I was really thankful we have heating and my boy loves his winter PJ’s!


TOYS! – So I started trying to bring one thing BUT as always ended up with too much.  I’ve packed buckets and beach stuff, a ball, Scooter, his wooden train set & Duplo – the best combo for indoor play when I need to get something done! Colouring stuff, Shleich animals, a little people campervan that he was given on his 2nd birthday so I can explain the trip, a few cars, books, a magnetic play book for cafes – so good,  a magnadoodle thing for the car and bath sticky things that take up no space but can be stuck on the walls of the shower.  In one week I have used everything because the weather has been rubbish!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.42.34 PM

Last but not least – Flat Bear – you can’t move house and beds with out your favourite bear!  Bear and Hop – the rabbit are part of the family!  We added the star decals to his bunk on the 2nd day we had the van as a rainy day activity.  So much fun and I love that we could add some playful energy to his little space.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.39.13 PM

There is so SO much more, but this is the stuff I packed for my littlest dude.  In a week he’s managed to have a growth spurt and needed new gumboots!  I’ve already started the bag of stuff to drop back at home to go into storage, it’s a fun and fabulous challenge learning to live light.  I won’t even get started on my personal challenge with the lack of wardrobe space in caravans!

Do you travel alot with your children?  What’s on your must have list that you never leave home without it?