Act Quickly!

There is no time to dilly dally around on this one, you need to move fast!

Unfortunately this is becoming a semi regular challenge in our house.  I know not all babies do this, but if they ever decide to squeeze one out just when your trying to get them clean, it’s best to have a game plan.

You’ll need:

  • A cup or small bucket
  • A spare towel
  • A sink
  • Disinfecting Spray

Depending on the age of your baby, will determine the order of use.

  1. First thing first – get your baby out of the bath.  Do a quick dip in the clean water to make sure you don’t have anything um…. hanging on.  Wrap your baby in a towel.  If you’re lucky enough to have someone else at home with you, call in reinforcements.  You’ll need a code word, frankly taking the time to call out nicely “Honey, Can you come here please, our gorgeous baby just sh*t in the bath” takes too long.  Go for something simple…. “Code Brown” works well.  The upside of that is it can be used all over the house when you have a poo that needs more than two hands to handle it.  If you’re home alone, either bundle baby up and work one handed, or lie baby wrapped on the spare towel on the floor.  Remember to shut the door if you have a bub on the move, contain the disaster zone to the bathroom if possible.
  2. Save the toys, scoop them all out and pop them to the side – they will need a bath of their own.  It’s important to move quick on this because you don’t want any pesky lil crap particles finding their way into any bath toys with holes in them.  Remember the bathmat or any non slip pieces will need some post poo TLC to remove the bacteria.
  3. If the poo is in a solid state, try and scoop as much poo as you can into a cup and simply flush down the toilet or set to the side while you get on with the task at hand.  This is the reason I recommend being prepared with a bath cup (aka Sh*t scoop)  I made the rookie error of giving my boy a metal cocktail shaker to play with after attempting a low tox bath and removing plastic.  I now need to get a new shaker if I ever want a shaken martini at home EVER AGAIN, no amount of washing is going to remove the image of the shaker sh*t.
  4. Drain the bath. As babies get older their poo seems to have a crazy ability to form a cloud of poo particles in a matter of seconds.  I stress again – do not waste any time.  If you can move quickly you have a chance of getting your baby in the clean water on the removal, save the toys, scoop the main offender and drain the bath without having to dip your hand through the brown cloudy bathtub.
  5. Technically you would clean the bath etc at this point BUT your either working one handed or you have a baby on the floor – unless you have reinforcements.  So grab a fresh facewasher and head for the sink or grab the handheld shower and give your bub a good wash.  If you’re lucky enough to have help, one of you can jump in the shower with your baby while the other starts the clean up.
  6. After baby is dried and cared for, let the clean up begin.  Drain the water if you haven’t already and give the bath a good spray with a disinfectant. Squeeze any water out of bath toys that were in the bath at the time of the “incident”  I like to soak them in vinegar and make sure I suck a bit inside each to to make sure we tackle any teeny poo particles and kill them off, you may need to scrub a few and the bathmat for anything that’s hanging on.  An old toothbrush is handy to get in the small crevices.  I found this article in my initial “how to clean up baby poo in the bath”.  After everything is clean and dry, throw the towels and cleaning rags in the washing machine.
  7. Look around and marvel at the clean bathroom and baby and after baby is asleep, pour a wine and relax.  You’ve earned it!

Have you got a story about a “sh*tty bath time”?  Please share it in the comments, sometimes as a mum, it’s nice to know you’re not alone!



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