That frantic rush before you go only holiday is just a whirlwind of emotions. One minute your snapping at your partner because they’re not pulling their weight with the packing, the next you’re shouting at the kids because they’re taking all back out of the suitcase again. But it’s all part of that holiday experience, and the fun truly does begin when you get close enough to start packing. You start think of all of the things you’re going to be able to do when you get there, and how you’re finally going to be able to have that much needed break from work. But a family holiday can be super stressful, especially when there are some big things that people forget to do, that cause major stress before, and during the holiday. But realistically, a holiday should be all about the good times that are flowing, and making the most of every moment you’re there. You don’t want to look back and feel relief because you’re going home, you want to feel those major holiday blues, and know you had a fabulous time. So this article is going to help you do just that, by pointing out some of the most common things that people seem to forget when going on holiday! Keep reading to find out more.

Actually Travelling To The Destination

Travelling to the destination is when the excitement begins. You pack the car, you hype everyone up, and you spend what feels like a lifetime in the car travelling to the airport, because as a parent, your stress levels are going to be high until the moment you get to the airport on the other side. But before you even get there, there’s one big thing you need to make sure you do, and that’s book seats together. So many people make the mistake of assuming that they’ll be given seats together, but this definitely isn’t the case in the modern world. Airlines will bleed you dry for everything, and having seats picked for you when you purchase the holiday is not standard anymore. So don’t get stung at the airport with a big payment just to sit together, and don’t leave it until then assuming that you’ll get seats. Make sure that you’re booking them online before you go, or you really will be caught out.

Essentials When You’re There

Buying essentials when you’re on holiday is risky business. For one, it’s actually far more expensive to get a lot of essential items out there. Things like food and drinks might be cheaper, but sun creams and lotions and potions are generally far more expensive. What’s more, things like stings and bites are a regular occurrence in hot tropical countries, and they might not sell a spray or cream to suit your and your children. So even though some people might say that leaving your essentials until you get there is the best thing to do, it really isn’t. It definitely won’t be if you have certain products you like, and can’t find them out there!

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