Coffee is a wonderful warm beverage most of us like to sip in the mornings to wake us up, and to give us energy and a good buzz through the rest of the day. Whilst it makes a great drink, it can also be mixed into some great recipes to create delicious foods. Caffeine isn’t the best thing to give to your young ones, so by baking it into something good to eat, you can use up your granules in a better way that all the family can share. Here are a few recommendations that go down a storm!

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Of Course You Can Make A Coffee Cake

A coffee cake is a staple of any and all households, so baking a nice cake to feast on after dinner or for a birthday is a nice way to show your appreciation for others. It can also be paired with some walnuts for an extra little health kick of protein!

You can mix in some blueberries if you grow them or are looking for a little spin on the usual coffee cake recipe. Once again it’s a lot more healthy than the traditional, more heavy recipe, and still tastes great.

Using sustainably sourced coffee like that of Cafe Britt coffee, produced in Costa Rica, means a cake for your family even goes towards helping other people and countries.

Try Out A Nice Stack Of Pancakes

This is a definite try! Usually you’ll know how to make pancakes with a little extra thrown in. But if you need a helping hand, you can find a good recipe here which makes a lot of cake for your flour.

Coffee pancakes are a tasty and energy fueled way to start your day. Breakfast pancakes are something to look forward anyway, and when you pair them with some fruit, it’s both super healthy and nice to eat. Paired with some blueberries and you’ll get a nice rich taste that’s warm and comforting, or with some strawberries just to spice it up a little bit more.

Cook Up A Good Brisket

Pairing coffee with meat? That doesn’t sound like a good idea, but it actually enhances the flavour incredibly, and saves you from buying some extra stock granules.

For a nice warm evening in with some incredibly good food, coffee can be mixed with anything to make a good stock to paste over your brisket and then slow cooked. Usually some brown sugar, vinegar, and mixed spices, so make what you think works.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

You don’t even need an ice cream maker, as there’s possible one step guides out there. According to a food world expert, you’ll need about 6 teaspoons of espresso powder and 2 teaspoons of espresso liqueur, mixed into some milk and about 300 ml of cream, and then freeze. It couldn’t sound easier!

So there are some great ways to incorporate coffee into your family foods for the week, rather than just drink them down when you need them.