OK, so I’ve said yes to trekking to Everest Base Camp for my best friends 40th Birthday.  Theres just one challenge, I am out of shape and have not really exercised since my son was born – aside from walking the dog so it’s time to get training.  So here we are, I’ve been trawling the web to make sure I get some tips and you know, don’t die.

I have 8 months to get in the best shape of my life so I not only – don’t die, but can also massively enjoy it.

Here’s my tips so far.

Train on your feet

There are going to be a lot of ups and downs so leg strength, stamina and stability are going to be key.  If you have dodgy knees or previous injuries, take some time to check in and develop some exercises or affirmations to get strong. Buy your boots early and wear them, even the lightest of hiking boots are heavy compared to normal trainers so you’ll want to get prepared for the extra weight.

Youtube has lots of videos people have developed to share training tips for hiking. Watch a few and choose some exercises that will work for you.  I’m choosing to start focusing on my cardio and core strength.  I’m also embracing incidental exercise – because kids!

Current plan – daily walks with short runs on routes with hills, an at home Bosu Ball and leg weight work out and Yoga.  I bought my son a paw patrol yoga mat last year and he LOVES joining in.  He hasn’t made it through a full session yet, but watching him is the best and it’s a lovely thing to do together.

Listen to podcasts or audio books

Mindset is key.  You are embarking on an adventure of epic proportions. An adventure that lots of people have on their bucket list, and adventure that for many people may never become a reality.  Even the people with best intentions will want to share their negative stories (honestly WHY… its the same as childbirth, people love to share the worst bits).

Thankfully, like everything there is generally always someone who has done it before you and often documented their experience.  Double up your work out time by tuning into a great audio book, podcast or inspiring tunes.  Get your mindset strong, tune into mindset books, podcasts, workout tips, peoples experiences.  I found a podcast on how to train to have lungs of a mountain sherpa!  Everything and anything you need is at your finger tips if you need them.

Invest in some wireless headphones.  I got these relatively cheap headphones because the outlay on gear and the trip is up there, so I’m prioritising my spending.

Tell people and have fun

This has served two purposes for me.  One it makes me accountable for actually getting off my butt and getting in shape AND I have the best workout crew around.  Turns out there are loads of people looking for an exercise buddy after they drop the kids off. Now instead of coffee and cake, we’re doing more walking and talking and less emotional eating after a tricky drop off.  I’m calling this a massive win/win!

It’s early days and I’m scared and excited.  Just making the decision to do it has re-energised my life and given me something to aspire too.  We’ve got the challenges ahead of logistically how do we make it happen when we live on the opposite side of the world to all of our family and the trek falls smack over school holidays. It means we miss some family holiday time as my better half needs to take time off to hang out with our son.  I had a year of work and school runs and now get to be the mum that is doing something super cool and I’m loving it!

If you’ve done the trek to base camp or any long distance high altitude treks, I’d love to know your tips on how best to get training for everest base camp.




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