Oh. My. Goodness…

Have you ever opened a door and then immediately wish you didn’t and at the same time are beyond happy that you did?

On recommendation from several friends and mums, I was pointed to towards Alexx Stuart’s 30 day to low tox living course. Seriously wow! There is so much that I didn’t know, still don’t know and really want to get my head around to know that I’m doing the best I can for my little man.

So I’m only on day 3 and boy do I have so much to learn.  You can find out more about Alexx Stuart and Low Tox living here on her website

For a little insight, you may be interested in this TED talk – Toxic Baby:

Filmmaker Penelope Jagessar Chaffer was curious about the chemicals she was exposed to while pregnant: Could they affect her unborn child? So she asked scientist Tyrone Hayes to brief her on one he studied closely: atrazine, a herbicide used on corn. (Hayes, an expert on amphibians, is a critic of atrazine, which displays a disturbing effect on frog development.) Onstage together at TEDWomen, Hayes and Chaffer tell their story.

Adjusting to motherhood can be tough, it’s an adjustment in your identity, your relationship with your partner, life with a tiny partner in crime… and then on top of it all, it’s expected that we keep a great house and do whats best for our little people.  All of which, for me, is a really steep and very interesting learning curve.

Let us know, what your favourite, low tox or green baby product is?