Congratulations on learning that you are pregnant! There are so many emotions running through your body that it’s difficult to take stock. Plus, there are countless decisions to make, too. Are you going to find out about the sex? What names do you like and don’t like? Is this parenting lark as difficult as it seems, or will my child be a piece of cake? (Sorry, but the answer to the last one is always “as hard as it looks!)

Because the baby is the most important thing, there is a temptation to wait until the birth before focusing on other things. As commendable as this attitude is, some decisions happen beforehand that may impact his or her life. The first thing any would-be parents learn is that the tough choices come thick and fast whether the child is in your arms or your womb.

To give you an insight into what to consider, here are five topics you may want to keep in mind.

Accept Or Push?

Please don’t start pushing until the doctor says so! As a medical professional, they understand the best practices to bring a life into this world. There is a problem, though: you’re a mother. As a mum, you’ll have issues that may clash with the OB-GYN. For instance, veganism is taking off around the world, and pregnant women are joining the cause for the sake of their unborn child. Medical experts aren’t one hundred percent on board for two reasons. The first is that they think you need to eat meat to maintain a healthy diet. The second is pharmaceutical-based; some medication isn’t vegan. In this situation, you have to decide to follow the doctor’s orders or your gut. Frankly, it’s a judgement call.

Nurse Or Bottle Feed?

Your body is about to go through a hell of trauma, not to put too fine a point on it! So, it’s understandable that you want to keep a piece of you intact. Breastfeeding is perfectly natural but it does take its toll. Breasts can take months and even years to recover from the effects. Some women are never fully satisfied with them after giving birth. Bottle feeding is a fantastic alternative for many reasons. For example, aside from giving your body a break, it means you can share the load. The hubby can’t get up in the middle of the night when the child is breastfeeding. Natural milk does have healthy ingredients, but there isn’t too much difference between that and formula.


Stay Or Go?

There is a lot on your plate at the minute so moving may not be high on the to-do list. That’s fair because life is hectic and your home provides a semblance of balance. But, there is nothing wrong with checking out promotions such as “we offer most reliable & affordable removalist service.” Why? It’s because relocating to a new area can provide a range of benefits for the kids. To begin with, the neighbourhood may be safer as the crime stats aren’t as high. Or, it may be closer to a good school which gives them a good chance of being accepted. Perhaps the property simply has more room and makes life easier. Whatever you reasons, don’t dismiss them out of hand because of the pregnancy.


Soft Or Hard Sell?

If this isn’t your first child, there is a huge elephant in the room. Your son or daughter, depending on the age, has been the focus of your attention for months. Now, they aren’t getting as much attention and they are bound to notice. This may impact their relationship with the new baby, and that is an issue. No mother wants their kids to resent one another. At some point, parents have to sit down and speak about the future. Even if your child is only a toddler, you will want to talk to them about their new brother or sister. Usually, a soft sell goes well because kids need pampering, but sometimes you have to be the boss.

More Or Less?

More is less according to parents around the world! Of course, that was a joke because everyone loves kids. Still, there comes a time when adults have to decide do they want anymore? If this is the first, making more babies will seem amazing when it arrives, but parents with two or three may want to stop. Pregnancy isn’t a great time to decide because of hormones, yet you should note how you feel and keep it in mind.

Are you ready to tackle these issues head-on? Yes? Then you’re prepared to be a parent.

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