Alexx Stuart, champion for what she calls, the “Low Tox Life”, shares with us her top 5 tips for mums, when it comes to bringing up a low tox bub!

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to be here thanks to Shona, to share with you some seriously simple things you can do TODAY to reduce the exposure of toxins in your home for your gorgeous new bub. Whether it’s your first day of making lower tox choices, or whether this has been on your radar for a while, I hope you get a little something out of it to think about.

My first tip is a bonus tip to preface every other tip I’m about to share. DO NOT PANIC if you’ve done or had any of these products in your home before today. Coulda woulda shoulda is a horrible land to live in – it’s the land that never let’s you move forward into ‘Everything is Awesome’ land, free as a bird and knowing you’re making the best choices you can. So, let’s play the ‘awesome’ card and get excited for change, instead of terrified by the impact of stuff in the past – I say this because if you’d met me a decade ago today, I would probably have been smoking one of the 20 cigarettes of that day, drinking the second of 2 double strength lattes before starting a bartending shift which ended in spray and wiping down my bar with my team, without gloves or a mask on, followed by bleaching the floors with pure bleach and no mask, and going home and showering in a supermarket body wash and lathering myself in a cheap body lotion, aluminium packed deodorant and sleeping with a scented candle burning very close to my head.

Gee, I wonder where my hormone issues stem from? Hehe. I say all of this to help you get the picture. I’m a normal chick who happens to be a nerd for environmental toxins and whole food because they were both a massive deal in helping me feel far better than I used to.

So, now that you know I’m not a perfect, raw food, vega, paleo hoo ha meditation guru OMing on a cliff at sunset… then hopefully this will mean you connect to the fact that this is a really simple thing I want to help you do: I want to help you ditch some weirdo stuff that is very slowly and very surely making our ‘developed’ world a little sicker and sicker over time. Every second kid has eczema, rashes, mums everywhere with dermatitis, allergies, migraines, fertility problems… We could go on. But instead of wallowing in the lucky health ramifications, let’s just ditch some stuff that helps us feel more awesome.

  1. Queen B beeswax candlesAs soon as you possibly can, remove all scented candles (natural beeswax is awesome. Queen B is my pick as they burn the slowest) plug in air fresheners, scented reeds, air freshener cans and fragrances from your baby’s environment – Better still, from your entire home. All of those synthetically fragranced products have a chemical lurking in them to make fragrance ‘stick and linger – They’re called phthalates and they’re a part of the endocrine disrupting chemical class. That means they fiddle with our natural hormones and mimic our natural hormones, enough for our bodies to go ‘what the… who are you. Oh, you’re one of us? Awesome’. And then all sorts of strange things can strike. If you want to read in depth about them, I cannot recommend Slow Death By Rubber Duck enough. Super approachable, ‘normally written’ and shares some stuff about phthalates that puts just the fire in your belly to get rid of all this weirdness from you home. Essential oils, bees wax candles, natural room sprays or simply going fragrance free, are all going to mean your indoor air quality is massively improved.
  2. Weleda’s Calendula baby productsGet ‘baby ready’ with the baby care products. DO NOT get traditional talc – It’s no good for the lungs. DO NOT BUY WIPES that have fake smells or weirdo chemicals you can’t pronounce. DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS THAT LIST THE FOLLOWING: Parabens, Phenoxyethanol (both endocrine disrupting chemicals), Paraffin, petroleum, mineral oil, methylisothiazolinone, Quaternium, triclosan or PEGs… Basically, buy from trusted organic / natural sources to kit up for your new little being coming into your home. This is not for posh people, this is to build strong bodies for our precious tiny people. Yes it’s more expensive but I offer you this as advice to save: Health bills will be almost certainly lower, you will be less likely to need to visit the doctor and pay for that and subsequent rash creams and you will be less likely to suffer reactions yourself. Plus, when it comes to washing your bub, they are delicate little beings and apart from the mountain of pooping, they really don’t need oodles of bubbles and soaps and gels in their bath everyday. Bathe them every second or 3rd day and there’s your cost negated – and time saved! Have a relaxing cuddle time with them on the couch instead before bed time to wind things down for the day and just wash their little hands and bum well in the evenings with a microfibre cloth and some olive or avocado oil and water to keep the skin protected. For places to go for natural bub products I love Nourished Life and BIOME because Irene and Tracey are so darn strict with what they let into their stores and they’re two pioneering local business women that I adore supporting. When you find super strict e-tailers too, it removes the guess work of “is it really safe or is it one of those ‘pretending to be green labels?’. Who has the time? I also love Weleda’s Calendula range that is widely available in pharmacies throughout the world or on their website.
  3. ResparkleDitch your multipurpose cleaner if it has a fake smell and chemicals, and opt for a safe one. ReSparkle, another pioneering local business woman’s business is gorgeous and, I don’t mean to be weird about this but the spray action is really, really satisfying. You can only know what I mean buy grabbing the product. The range has a nursery and children’s toy spray too so for iping down the change table and cot and toys, I wouldn’t look further. A supermarket range that’s great for all things cleaning is Ecostore – I had coffee with Malcolm the other day when he was visiting from New Zealand where the company was founded, and let me just say, that company is the real deal.
  4. eco originalsDo not become a bacteria hater and constantly wipe everything to the point where you live in a bacteria free bubble. Of course, it’s important to keep pathogens from your new born and I’m certainly not saying wipe a raw chicken breast on your baby’s face (seriously, to be clear I am NOT saying to do that!)… BUT, we are germ phobic. A few drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil in your multipurpose cleaners are all the antibacterial boost you need – Right from nature’s magical supplies, rather than a weirdo chemical cocktail. For wipes, I’m loving the new eco originals range as a portable solution and at home, a washable microfibre cloth with olive or avocado oil and water to keep skin protected.
  5. All of this ‘getting back to nature’ with the products we use, and it seems crazy to not ACTUALLY get back to nature with our bubs. It’s amazing what a bit of time ‘earthing’ does to relax and destress us. Lie in the grass in the park with your bub. Go for a walk and get your toes dug into the sand at the beach, the earth in a forest, the ocean or river… Time spent in nature is one of life’s great back-to-balance basics, yet we so often forget to do it. Take the challenge and do it for 7 days with your little one. I can’t tell you how many parents report happier, less stressed and more relaxed bubs – not to mention themselves. How’s that back yard looking right now?


So there you have it.

Here’s to learning over time and making better choices over time for our health and our beautiful planet’s. It’s not scary once you get started. It’s a journey that gets better and better!

If this has struck a chord for you, feel free to join me when we go live again mid October for the next round of “Your Low Tox Life”. Words can’t actually describe how excited people feel about empowering themselves and their families to go low tox. Our course alumni are an amazing group of people doing everyday ordinary things better. It’s that simple. Just sign up to my blog from the home page and you’ll be first to know when the next round becomes available.

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Alexx Stuart is on a mission to share the importance of a low tox life, and to help people transition in a positive and empowering way - all guilt, shame, doom and gloom left at the door. Having had a full career spanning the cosmetics and hospitality industries, Alexx's passion for uncovering the truths behind what goes 'on' and 'in' us, quickly became her main professional focus after she saw the astounding difference they made in her own personal recovery from numerous health niggles. She creates articles, recipes, books and courses to help people towards better health for them and for our planet, calling on an impressive stable of experts from around the world to add value. Alexx says "Do not Feel Guilty about what you didn't know yesterday, feel excited about what you're going to change today". Passionate about disease reversal, prevention, positive living and food system repair, Alexx passionately focuses on driving delicious and positive awareness at the grass roots in the hope of handing the world in better repair to her son and all the little people in the world who will one day be big.


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