Juggling a baby and a business is not easy, but I didn’t need to tell you that, you already knew.  There are some great tools on the market to help automate and simplify areas of your business so you can spend more time with your baby.

My money making job is in social media, I’ve had a social media agency helping small businesses get the most out of their social assets since 2011.  I chose to wind it back to a more manageable size and become a work at home mum when my boy arrived. It’s still happily ticking along, allowing me to work with gorgeous clients at home when the times suit me.  That means I can be a full time mum and have a great little business to keep the money coming in.

I’ll admit, being a work at home mum has to be one of the most full on jobs ever, Seriously there is no break…. EVER!  When you’re not with your baby or trying to get the house in some order, you’re juggling a million business tasks and your head will get very full and you may even be overwhelmed at how to do it all.  In my early days as a new mum, I reached out to a bunch of uber successful business women and mums that I know and I asked them how they did it…  Every single one of them had a nanny or full time care of some degree.

It can be done, with some great time management and some smart online tools to help you take the load off.

These are some of the tools I use to keep things running smoothly, when I’m off at the park or changing nappies.

Xero – for invoices and accounts, lets face it.  You’re either a numbers person or your not.  I’m not and it’s been a game changer for me getting everything set up so it’s much easier to manage.

Paypal – for payments in and out, some people feel safer paying through paypal and I’m OK with making it as easy as I can for them.

Hootsuite – social media – only for linkedin and google +.  I don’t like this for facebook as it often fails to pull through the images and looks a bit naff.  I do love it for our secondary social media channels.

Socialoompf – I love this for twitter, it’s one of the only tools I’ve found that will keep recycling updates so you don’t need to add them fresh each month.

Facebook scheduling – this one is just built in but seems to get the best reach for facebook centric posts.

Google Drive – Keeping all documents in the cloud so we can access them anywhere, anytime, from any machine as long as we have access to the internet

Dropbox – for the people who want to share files with us, but don’t use google

Mailchimp – email distribution

Canva – for basic graphic design (like the blog headers here)

Nimble – as a socially integrated CRM system.  Having an online business often means I have conversations with people happening in email, facebook, linkedin, twitter at any given time. Nimble helps me collate them all in one space so I don’t lose them.

Zoom – for online group meetings, so good to see everyones faces!

Doodle – for trying to find a suitable time for multiple busy people to meet


Upwork – when we need to get random tasks done, I’ve had great success with EA’s and task specific data projects on upwork (formally o’desk)  I love the dashboard on this, it grabs a screen shot every 10 mins so you can check in on how your team is progressing.  I’m much more comfortable with this than trusting blindly the work will get done.  Once your business can afford to outsource some pieces of work, this is the bomb.  I’d say there are loads of work at home mums raising a quiet glass in thanks this platform as we speak!  I can honestly hand on heart say, this kept my business running smoothing while I was pushing out a baby.  Seriously, not a glitch.  So thankful for my upwork team at that time.

Fiverr – for fun small tasks – like getting raps made for your friends and clients.  They also have people who do serious tasks like logo design, blogging etc – all for 5 bucks.  Seriously though, next time you can’t make it to a friends wedding, get them a wedding rap… promise it will be unique!  Warning you can spend hours and hours on here, after all, it’s practically cheaper than a coffee!

Asana – for managing projects and assigning tasks to various team members.  I love this for my offsite team and being able to do a quick check in on where things are stuck in the pipeline.

Commission Factory – for affiliate ads on the blog.  Your shopping helps me keep it alive, so please click and shop away.  Unfortunately it’s not going to make me a millionaire, but if it can cover the hard costs, that’s a good thing 🙂

Tinybeans – nothing to do with business, but it helps me keep all the relatives happy with a daily pic of our baby and thats a total win for me.

My other hot tip as a work at home mum is to set yourself up a gorgeous workspace.  In the early days my desk was next to my babies play space, now he’s a bit older it’s been moved to a room where I can shut the door from time to time.  There is honestly nothing more frustrating that trying to write an article (like this) with a toddler stealing your mouse….

Have I missed anything that is a total stand out or a must have for your business, let me know.  I’m always on the hunt to make life more efficient and a little easier as a work at home mum.




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