So we bought a Caravan.

We’re not even caravanning people, I mean my man caravanned with his family as a kid, we camped and yet someone it seemed like a great idea.

We have a toddler, a dog and a caravan….

It all started with my my man suggesting we went to the Caravan and Camping supershow, great idea for a day out.  We like the outdoors, it’s easier to camp with our giant bear of a bernese mountain dog than it is to find decent dog friendly accomodation.  What could possibly go wrong.

Baxter the Bernese Mountain Dog... unaware of his next holiday in a caravan

On the way we’re chatting about what to do for our next holiday, it’s always a big question as we need to consider who will look after the dog or where we can go that we can take him. I’m scrolling on my phone and see a story of a young family travelling around Australia.

We could do that…. 4 words that changed everything.

What will we do with the house?
How long should we go?
Where should we go?
What should we go in? Let the games begin…  So many options!

I’m a five star girl, I’m not even going to debate it for a second.  I like my luxuries, when we camp we glamp on a full height queensize mattress with full linen.  We started thinking a camper trailer would be good and then we were seduced by the luxurious nature of the van.  Some of these vans are more luxurious than some apartments I’ve lived in, hell, some are even more expensive.

On our first visit, our eyes were open and we we’re chatting with an excitement about a grand adventure.

If not now, when?

So we pondered for a few days, poured over the brochures, read copious blogs from people “just like us” – OK so none of them had a massive 50 kg dog, but it was exciting to say the least.

Back we went, we looked with different eyes, we asked questions that would make a difference to potentially living in a van for an extended period of time. Like – where would the dog fit?!?

We got some prices and home we came….. we slept, we talked, we imagined our adventures, the freedom to hit the road and see our great country in something better that gave us the freedom to go where we wanted to go, whenever it suited us. The upside from a tent, it had a shower, toilet and even a washing machine – seriously!

So, we went back… we tried on a few more vans, we let our toddler lose and we negotiated a great deal on a van we fell in love with.

So, we bought a caravan……  EEEEEEEEK!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared and nervous about our pending, life changing, adventures. Stay tuned for the next intake of our adventures as we plan to see Australia with a dog and an almost 2 yo in tow.

Any caravanning tips welcome, I don’t even know where on earth you get sheets to fit a skinny caravan bunk and an odd shaped caravan bed?!? Let alone what we’ll need for an awesome trip with an active toddler!