We all can get overwhelmed at times in our life, and our mind can be one of our biggest enemies. In moments where you feel stressed or anxious, here are some tips to help calm your mind.

Create A Mantra For Yourself

Sometimes, words of encouragement can help bring you back to a calm point, and that can be done by yourself, not just by others. A mantra is usually a sound or word that is repeated, and that is said to have a psychological effect on the human mind. So why not try creating a mantra yourself? It could simply ble ‘keep calm’ or a phrase that can help you relax. Whatever it is, your mantra is going to be different to everyone else’s so find one that works for you and say it as often as you want. Whether that’s spoken out loud or just said to yourself internally.

Try Out Some Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques sounds like a very simple suggestion, but it can actually be the most effective tip to calm your mind. When you’re stressed out, nervous or anxious, your breathing won’t be at it’s usual pace. Look at the different breathing techniques that are used in order to find one that you can use in a situation when you need to calm down. It’s worth practicing it as much as you can beforehand as you may find it doesn’t work effectively when your state of mind is at that moment.

Go For A Walk

Being able to stretch your legs and breathe in fresh, outdoor air can relax your mind. If you remove yourself physically from a situation, you immediately help yourself to calm down and going for a walk is a great way of being able to mull over the previous events that have happened. Try to go somewhere that’s quiet, peaceful and has a lot of greenery. Surround yourself with nature when you can.

Attend To Your Senses

Your senses are very powerful, and sometimes it’s good to distract a cluttered mind with your other senses. That could be listening to some music or lying down in a room with some https://thehippiehouse.com.au/collections/perfume-oils dispersed into the air. Rely on your senses to help you when you’re stressed.

Give Yourself Some Self-Care

It’s important that everyone gives themselves the self-care that they need on a regular basis and taking a long, hot, bubble bath or unwinding with a book on the sofa might just be the thing that you need to help you keep a calm mind. Self-care is personal to you, and so you want to find the things that work for you to help you relax. Make time for some self-care each week and learn to say no to others so you can spend time on yourself.

Calming your mind is a lesson you learn over time. Only you can know how your body reacts, and once you’ve mastered it, you can live life a little more harmoniously.

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