OK this is something I probably would’ve figured out, but am happy to have received the tip ahead of time.

Tip: use snap lock bags or wet bags to keep babies change of clothes in. That way if you have a messy or wet blow out, you can seal up the dirty outfit without messing up or stinking out your bag.

One poo in on an outing and this will save you from throwing the cutest onesie ever in the bin because frankly you don’t want a shitty piece of baby clothing in your handbag!

How to do it…

1. Pick spare outfit

2. Bundle it up in a plastic sealable bag – trust me on this – tying the top of a shopping bag together will not suffice and may cause your bag to end up with an unfortunate leakage stain and smell.

3. Toss it in your bag

4. Change out as required 🙂

The best bit on getting a cute wetbag rather than a plastic one – is you can toss the whole thing in the wash when you get home!  The downside – you can’t see whats in the bag.

Bonus Tip: keep a onesie or outfit that you don’t love as the spare… that way it will save you looking for the cute shorts that must be somewhere and you won’t need to remove the bag until said ahem… blow out.

Hope this hot tips saves your handbag and sanity x

Let us know if you have any tips that you were given as a new mum.   This site is all about sharing the love and making life for the next generation of new mums working things out minute at a time that little bit easier.