Being a mum can be hectic, it can be crazy, it can be beautiful.  It can also be hard, frustrating while at the same time making your heart burst for your little people.  Finding a moment to yourself can feel impossible at times, but the great news is there are some simple things you can do, just for you in the midst of the chaos.

Oils Oils Oils

Essential oils have been used for years for their wonderful health and healing abilities.  Diffusers have come a long way and work with a cool mist rather than the old burners with open flames.  The dew drop diffuser from young living is my current favourite, with it’s cool mist and calming blue light. If you’re new to oils (like me) then selecting the right blend can be daunting initially but you’ll soon discover your favourites.

With just a few oils or blends you’ll be able to calm the kids down and help yourself relax.  Be warned that not all essential oils are created equally. Sadly it’s a challenging market where even “organic” oils may be not all that “natural” and some essential oils are synthetic so you get just the smell and not the benefit, so it pays to do your research.  I’ve chosen to use Young Living oils – partly from trusted recommendations and partly from reading further into the products.  I ordered the Young Living starter pack that comes with 11 oils and a diffuser to get me started and am working through the kit.

These are a few of my favourite essential “essential oils” so far...

Lavender is a brilliant oil with so many benefits.  The most common are reducing stress and anxiety and creating a calm space to promote sleep. It can also be used topically on bites, bruises and sunburn, seriously amazing stuff.

Peppermint the pick me up oil, great for digestion and respiratory issues. Rub it on a sick or sore tummy or even drink it as a tea – I read somewhere earlier that one drop of oil is like 28 cups of tea!  I haven’t personally tried it yet.

Lemon provides a fresh and clean scent that is calming and a pick me up at the same time.  I love to use this in home made cleaning products for a double whammy of goodness.

R.C is the go to for stuffy noses and colds. When a friend told me this is all she uses when her daughter is unwell, I had to give it a go.  You can use it as a chest rub (in a carrier oil) or on the bottom of the kids feet.  I’ve just diffused it and noticed it made a difference in reducing coughs and sniffles.

Purification says it instantly deodorisers and neutralises the air, what’s not to love about having a fresh smell in the house after having your head buried in nappies or need to fake a clean house.

The best bit, you don’t even need to stop moving to take a deep breath and inhale the benefit of pure essential oils.

Have a cup of tea

Someone once told me that if my son ever drove me nuts, pop him in his cot so he is safe, then walk to the kitchen and put the kettle on.  Wait while the kettle boils then make a cup of tea.  I’m sure it’s the process of removing yourself for a moment to regroup and breathe but it works.  Treat yourself to a cupboard full of delicious herbal teas and take a moment to stop and enjoy a cuppa when things get challenging.

Get outside

Once you pass the challenge of getting outside, a walk in the fresh air can do wonders for the soul.  Strap your mini me in the pram and hit the pavement.  The change of scenery can be enough to change the mood of the house and lighten the load. Of course you also have the added bonus of all the endorphins from moving to help you feel better.  Cabin fever is a real thing, you don’t need to be going anywhere in particular to reap the benefits.

Lie Down

I know I said three tips and this is clearly the fourth, so think of it as a bonus, like if you get a chance to stop and lie down.

When your baby or “mini me” sleeps or stops for a TV break, lie down. BUT… make the most of your mini break and get yourself a shakti mat, 15 mins lying down on the mat will bring on a sense of relaxation.  The mat is like a modern bed of nails and is a cotton mat about half the size of a yoga mat covered with plastic spikes designed to hit your
points (for this reason it’s not recommended to use while your pregnant).  After about 15 mins the area floods with warmth as the circulation increases.  There are a few studies that outline the pain relief and relaxation benefits on that are an interesting read.  It’s initially intense and a bit scary, but I love it now and am raving to everyone I know to get one. Seriously, it’s the best! I wear a light t-shirt and pop a rolled towel under my neck to increase the pressure on my neck and shoulders.  Kids TV has never been so relaxing – until they want to lie on you…..

Over to you, what are you quick an easy ways to relax and breathe as a busy mum?

OK… and a 5th idea – be good to yourself.  Treat yourself to a beautiful body wash or lotion and really enjoy that 20 seconds you get to yourself in the shower.  Nourished life is awesome – no nasties, so you can feel good knowing you’re looking after yourself and your fam 🙂



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