Being a blogger is fun, it’s a challenge and a fun project to find interesting stories and topics to share that might make another first time mums life just a smidge easier as we all adapt to the challenges and changes that come with creating baby.

Blogging becomes even more enjoyable when surprise treats land on your doorstep for you to consider.  Not everything we get sent hits the blog.  Today I opened the little yellow box that arrived by courier, my initial thoughts were, this is cool and would make a great baby shower present.

Seriously, it’s something I would have loved.  I had no idea what I needed to get for my baby as a first time mum.  It’s so overwhelming right, you need all of these special baby things and then there are a zillion options and it can all get a bit to much.

I was chatting with an acquaintance on the weekend who’s expecting her first bub in August.  She asked how we made the decision to get the pram we did.  Naturally we moved on to the rest of the shopping list that everyone gives you and talked about all the unsolicited advice and how everyone has different ideas.  Really what works for one mum and baby is different to the next. We chatted about where I bought our stuff, what sites were good, I raved about a few products that made a massive difference to us, she took notes on the stuff that sparked her interest.  I loved it, and it took me straight back to the overwhelm of trying to work out what we needed and then the laughing in hindsight at all the stuff we bought because we we’re told we needed it, or we picked it and we’re told about something better.  The cupboard of lotions and potions we didn’t use for a while as we discovered babies just need water in the very early days, the wipes that caused a rash, the teething necklace that didn’t fit, the bumbo my chunky bubs thighs never fitted in and all great things we never would have considered that family and friends told us about…  So exhausting and at the same time exciting.  I’d love to go back and have another go at shopping for my baby again for the very first time.


I remember calling my sister almost daily while I was pregnant trying to work out what the difference was between cots, how she chose products, how many onsies did I need, what sizes, how many….  I still get a thrill thinking about how exciting it was to be on this brand new journey as a pregnant woman completely unaware of what was coming.  So much time spent making sure the world would be perfect for my baby with stuff. So much time spent researching how to get the baby out safely – so scary!

Like Jacquie says in her blog post “How to survive the first two weeks with a newborn”  – “Let me be real for a minute… because for all of the preparing I did for the hideous labour I really wish someone told me about the hell of the first two weeks. I would have spent more time mentally preparing for that!”  It’s not that bad for everyone but bringing a baby home is a total game changer for sure!

After my boy arrived, thoughts moved to – I wonder if he’s eating enough, what if he needs formula, how the hell do you choose a formula from all these options? OMG this cream has chemicals, I need a new one, which one I don’t have time to read the ingredients on every bottle.  What’s in these wipes anyway – eeek!  It’s the swaddle, he’s not sleeping because of the swaddle, I better try one of these fancy wraps. I need a carrier – I want my two hands back, which one is everyone else using? I’ll try some on – seriously my new baby just shat through the sample in the store, humiliating!  Why won’t he lie down – perhaps I should’ve chosen another pram, bassinet, cot or a fancy baby swing?  Are these face washers soft enough? Perhaps I should pump more? How do you store breast milk? My boobs hurt. How do I get rid of these bags from not sleeping? How on earth do people have a shower with a screaming baby? Why do everyone elses babies sleep in the day time?  He need more toys, which ones should I get? He hates it, I’ll get something else? So and so is reading to their baby, I need books….So many questions, so much stuff and waaaay too many options! Flashback to the overwhelm!

I digress…  the gift, a small box of goodies that would have provided some of the options and answers to what do you need with a new bub and over different ages and stages as well.

Bellababy is going to be one of my new baby and baby shower pressies from here on!

It’s a subscription box of goodies that gets delivered to you every month and has a bunch of cool stuff for you to try for baby and for you.

This months box included:

  • Only Organic Teething Rusks
  • La Clinica Organic for baby nappy wipe lotion
  • Water Wipes Travel Pack
  • Baby U disposable change mat
  • From the ground up skin co mud mask
  • Weleda white mallow nappy change cream
  • Natures happiness night time and day time formula
  • Awe cosmeceuticals kaanti lightening serum


It’s such a cool mix of stuff and a few treats for mum as well.  I can’t wait to try the mask!

My boy loved the rusks – he’s a bit big for them now, but no big deal.  The rest of the box we will use and my boy is almost 21 months.  I use the Weleda Calendula nappy lotion so I’m keen to give the new white mallow lotion a whirl.  Water wipes are one of my go to wipe brands so a travel pack of those is always handy, disposable change mats – awesome I always have one in my nappy wallet for public spaces – saves my nice one touching the dirty table.  The other stuff I’ve not tried or heard of so that’s a bit of fun to try them out.

I was just raving about my new pressie to Mr Mum Tips who laughed at me and said “It’s just like a baby product Yum Cha” and he’s right!  The box is a great taster of products – some of them are full size, some are samples and it’s a great affordable way to try new products as well as getting a little treat for yourself!

Have you tried them?  I’m off to get my new goodies unpacked into the change table!

Thanks for the gift Bella Box!  I feel suitably excited!

*The bella baby box was gifted to us and the links do contain an affiliate link – so if you shop using them we may make a small monetary reward.  This helps us cover the cost of the blog, so please buy one for all of your mum friends!  Thanks for reading Mums x

I’d love to know, whats the very best thing you got as a pre baby gift?  Let me know in the comments 🙂


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