It’s taken me almost 7 weeks to go through a bunch of old photos in an epic declutter to clean out the wardrobe in my little boys room…. honestly it seems to be the task that may never end.  I sort the photos, he messes up the piles beautifully.  I sort them again… and again… seriously this is how this job has had me muttering “Man I wish I did this before our baby arrived”

It got me thinking of all the things that previously would have been quick and easy, but with an on the go baby takes what seems like a million years with a zillion interruptions.

OK here goes…

  1. Sort out and pack old photos and momentos
  2. Clean out the pantry
  3. Clean out my wardrobe – seriously silk shirts…. not for before 7pm!
  4. De-ice the freezer (Seriously how noisy is it chipping out ice – not appropriate for nap times)
  5. Learnt to use my Bellini – aka the faketastic thermomix
  6. Read books about what to do when the baby came home
  7. Watched loads of chick flicks, with my feet up, with no one climbing on me, possibly several in a row
  8. Go to the movies… Mums and Bubs is good in the early days, but not so much with a wriggler
  9. Listened to people who said 7 months was the perfect time for an international trip
  10. Painted the babies room
  11. Re-done the bathroom and any other house renovation stuff
  12. Done a low tox living course – I never realised how protective I’d be of my baby and there is some crazy chemicals out there that are a bit scary.
  13. Found a beauty person who comes to my house – my eyebrows…. eek!
  14. Read more on routines and found someone with a philosophy I liked
  15. Walked my dog – just the two of us…
  16. Got my dog used to walking with a pram – before attempting it with a precious baby in it
  17. Ordered a breast feeding pillow and super feeding cape
  18. Got more massages…  seriously… I’d love a massage
  19. De-cluttered…. my current question – are you ever really de-cluttered once you keep adding more things to entertain your baby?
  20. Taken about 50 baby moons and had date night every night
  21. Anything that is easier with two people with two arms each – ie lifting furniture
  22. Found out about baby activities in my area – like bounce and rhyme at the library, sensory classes or swimming – to bank for 6 months, but oh the luxury of uninterrupted googling…. sigh
  23. Slept – in hindsight I would’ve slept, not run around being way to excited for the pending arrival, people said it, I didn’t listen and now I really wish I did!

That’s a quick list off the top of my head, what’s on your list of Stuff you wish you did before you baby arrived?