When it comes to being involved with different school events, your role as a teacher can vary. Because that’s the thing about being in teaching, it can really be a rollercoaster. Your days won’t always be the same, no matter if they may seem like it to others. Because not only are you teaching, but you could be mentoring, or planning, or helping with events – like we’re going to talk about in this post. Now, you may have a huge involvement in the school’s parent and teacher association, or you may just help out. Either way, you may want to help at different events. So let’s take a look at how you can do exactly that.

Know Your Role

So the very first thing that you will want to decide on here, is what you want your role to be. Do you want to be an integral part of the parent teachers association, or you do just want to support the team and at events when you’re needed? Here, your answer could depend on whether you have the time to commit to being a key member of the team or even whether you are needed. But you will want to think about this first.

Support The Main Organisers

If you are going to help from the sidelines, then it’s important for you to offer your support. You won’t want to try and get too involved and take over. So just ask where you can be of help. The main organisers will know what they need assistance with and should be able to hand you out a job or a task that you can take care of to help them.


Find Great Supplies

One thing that you could look to do is look for great supplies for your event. You might like to get marquees, from VividAds.com.au, or games tables or even regular tables and chairs. It can be handy to make great relationships with suppliers to continue to work with them in the future too.

Get The Children Excited

Now, if there is one thing that you can do here, it’s to make sure that the kids are excited about the event. Because you’re in constant contact with the kids in your class, you can talk to them about the event, check in on numbers, and try to get them as involved as possible. Because if the success of the event is based on the amount of children that attend, then you’re going to want to drum up interest in the event itself.

Help Out Where You Can

And then finally, when it comes to the day of the fete or party or event, just try to help out where you can. You may find that the main organisers or the head of the Parent’s Association have everything all planned out, so just see where you can help. It’s so important for you to be able to slip in and do what you can to keep the event going well.


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