If you’re expecting for the first time, to say that you’ve got a lot on your mind would be a total understatement. There’s so much to consider, so much to do, and sometimes it might feel like there couldn’t possibly be enough time in the world! But you’ll be happy to hear that you’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Use this foolproof checklist to prepare yourself for your baby’s arrival.

3 months to go!

What you’ll need to find around this point in time are mainly bigger items, like:


car seats

cribs and a crib mattress

cribsheets and covers

changing tables, rocking chair, and other furniture for your nursery

baby monitors

baby bathtub

baby sling

parenting/children’s books for your library

bigger toys like blocks and playsets


bottle bag/s (regular and thermal/insulated varieties)

breast pump

nappy/diaper bag

We’ve started our countdown at three months remaining because most new parents have their baby showers leading up to their third trimester, giving you time to unwrap all your gifts and assess what supplies you’re yet to source.

Explore the bounty you’ve received from your shower and figure out what’s left to check off this list. These items are best sourced earlier on so that you can get to grips with them well before your baby is due.

2 months to go!

With two months to go, it’s time to start stocking up on your baby essentials. These will include:


baby hats/beanies




onesies/one-piece sleepers

an assortment of baby clothing (shirts, pants, and dresses)

pack/s of small, plastic coathangers

nappies (two to three boxes to begin with)

baby wipes

washcloths for general use

baby soaps

baby towels

baby blankets (for crib)

baby aspirin

baby thermometer

laundry detergent for infants

baby bottles (assorted sizes, with nipples)

baby utensils/crockery

For expectant mothers, it’s also recommended that you start looking into sourcing some more maternity bras or nursing bras at this point in your pregnancy. Look specifically for bras in the size just above what you currently are, to accommodate your milk production once the baby is born.

1 month to go!

With just one month remaining, it’s finally time to start stockpiling the particulars, both for yourself and your newborn. Fill your trolleys with:

baby foods


milk storage

burping cloths

breast pads

maternity pads


rattles and other smaller toys

☐ stuffed animals and other comfort items

Your final few weeks is where nesting instincts start to really kick into overdrive for expectant mothers, so you’ll find yourself greatly occupied with preparing your home and nursery almost obsessively. It’s important to acknowledge that nesting is only useful up until a certain point. Once it starts to feel anxiety-provoking or like a form of procrastinating, it’s time to return to this checklist and ensure everything is accounted for.

If you’ve found that you’ve sourced everything, there’s nothing left for you to do but ready your hospital bag and prepare yourself for your due date. It’s also important to acknowledge how much work you and your family may have put into preparing for your baby over the last few months in particular. You and your support network have achieved an incredible task together, and whilst it might feel like you’re on the edge of a great beginning, you should also allow yourself to feel present in the last few weeks of your pregnancy. This is a momentous period of time for all expectant mothers, regardless of whether you’re awaiting the arrival of your first, third, or fifth child.