I love it when the universe just decides to send you a gorgeous gift at the perfect time!

Since starting the blog, I’ve been super lucky to be sent some great things for babies to try and review.  This is the first time I’ve received a gift for mums to take for a test drive.  The timing couldn’t be better!  If you’ve been reading the blog you’ll know I’ve recently started a 30 day challenge and I was really scared about it!

I’m on day 4 of doing a smoothie for breakfast, clean eating snacks and meals and no coffee or booze for 30 Days!  Eeek!  WHY?  Because my insides feel grotty and I am over feeling like I have had extreme jetlag for 15 months.  I get that the sleep deprivation is mostly from having a baby who thought sleep was for the weak, but both I was getting really low and exhausted.  When I mentioned I needed a re-set , my man was keen to – I’ll take that opportunity any day, so bring on the challenge.

This morning we went for our normal family walk with the dog, it normally involves sitting for a coffee and banana bread. Not today!  We were both a bit lost and keen to replace our morning ritual with something, we even joked about throwing a thermos under the pram and making a cup of tea on a bench – maybe we will.

With no coffee, we made our way home….

Enter the amazing timing of this nourishing mama pack from Nourished Hub – Devine!

Nourishing Hub - Gift Set

It arrived an hour ago and I have brewed the tea, tasted the chocolate, opened the affirmation cards and am REALLY looking forward to a nice soak in the bath tonight.  I am wondering if I should save them until I can slide on in with a nice glass of wine!

What I loved – opening something that was just for me!  Seriously, I can’t tell you the last time that happened.

I loved pulling out my little tea pot and scooping in the tea and wandering over to my desk to do some work.  I even reached into the back of the cupboard to grab a nice tea cup, which made it feel even more luxurious.

The delivery arrived right as I put my son down for his morning sleep, so I didn’t love the timing, in hindsight though, a quick resettle and I could dive straight in.

The Chocolate is really rich – so I only needed a small piece, it’s made with cacao and coconut and really smooth.  So lush sitting with my yummy hot tea and just letting it melt in my mouth while I flicked through the cards.

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Divine!  Nourishing Hub have a bunch of gorgeous gifts for new mums & babies.  There are pre made boxes – The one I received was the Nourishing Mama Box, there’s also the Lucky Ducky Lux Box which is how I feel right now.

Looking around the site I also love the Vanessa Megan products, Jack and Jill, Weleda Teething Powder and Calendula Bath Wash….  sorry credit card….

Get online, treat yourself!  You’re worth it x


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