It’s challenge time!

Two reasons for this personal challenge…  The first – our house has limited storage and I need to make some space. The second – our baby seems to be accumulating stuff faster than I can find places to keep the primary coloured plastic bonanza out of site when it’s not in use.  I love our lil guy and I also love settling in for some quality time with my better half without Fisher Price or Little Tikes staring us in the face.  So bring on the challenge!

A while ago I stumbled on a few great blogs one of them being I heart organizing. Such an inspiration – granted all of these bloggers babies are older than a few years – they seem to be in school. So, I’m cutting myself some slack on that front – BUT – a seed has been sowed and I’m secretly longing to nail the “organised domestic goddess” thing.

I’ve started slow, adding smarter storage – I’ll blog about our playroom and nursery makeover soon.  There just seemed to be something staring me in the face… drawers and cupboards full of stuff that we no longer used or needed.  So the challenge was born!

After chatting with some friends about ideas on how to earn some extra cash without working full time. I blogged about 5 different ways to earn and additional income here and I thought I should get on and have a look around our own home and see what was ready to “move on” to a new home.

Hello Jackpot….. here’s whats on the chopping block at our house, what I’ve sold and where we are up to on the “great trash and treasure $1000 in a month declutter challenge”.

  1. Apple Products and technology…

    I kid you not, take a look at your local buy, sell, swap pages.  This has been the start of my personal challenge to make $1000 this month, just by clearing out a few drawers of tangled cables and old phones.
    So far I’ve made $480 moving old technology to new homes through a facebook buy, sell, swap page.

  2. Baby Items…

    We we’re given loads of baby shoes, most of which I forgot about and pulled out when my bubs feet were too big, such a shame.  So onto a better home they go!  Same with gifts we didn’t use and things that just didn’t work for our baby.  As an example, My sister swore the McLaren Rocker was the best thing ever, my baby loathed it!  Out it goes!
    So far… I’m up to $240 in baby stuff we are no longer using (or never used).

  3. Furniture…

    You know the piece that you keep trying to find the perfect place for.  For us it was some gorgeous arm chairs, we love them but they just didn’t fit our new house.  Same goes with an outdoor setting we had.
    So far… I’m up to $220 in furniture that no longer fits our new home.

  4. Art…

    Ah art… what someone loves, someone else loathes.  This is the case with a couple of pieces that my partner and I bought before we moved in together.  This is one I find really tough, I’ve just listed a piece on eBay this month.  Wish me luck.
    So far… the jury is out on this one, but hopefully someone will love it like I did when I first purchased it.

  5. Pet Products

    Our puppy grew fast, he’s the most beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog you’ve ever seen – biased much!  Any who’s, our boy had a whole cupboard of stuff from his puppy hood.  It all got bundled into a box and listed for sale.
    So far… $20 and a bunch of stuff still listed.  I’ll be honest, this may be a box of stuff we take to a shelter, but worth a go right!

  6. Other Ideas…

In the past I’ve sold

  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Handbags
  • Luggage
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Desk Chair
  • Office stuff
  • Books
  • Art
  • Travel Momentos – Japanese tea sets, african beaded stuff – it all seemed like a grand idea at the time!
  • Excess kitchen items – the joy of merging homes!

The list is endless!  Just $40 to go until I reach the $1000 goal.  I’m giving you the $ as a way of inspiration, if you had of asked me two weeks ago if I could make a cool grand cleaning some drawers and cupboards I would have thought it was ridiculous.  I admit I’m more than pleasantly surprised at how much money we have been sitting on in cluttered drawers and cupboards.

If you need some inspiration to let go and declutter, this is a fabulous TED Talk…

A rich life with less stuff | The Minimalists

Let it go!  Time to make space for your new life as a family and enjoy the ride!

Are you in?  It’s always more fun to share the journey.  Let me know what you sell and how you go with the great declutter and extra income challenge.