Keeping on top of your children’s health is a priority for parents, amongst the many other things that they have to do. As your child grows, their health should be monitored by a paediatrician to make sure that they are healthy and meeting all the age-appropriate targets as they go through the different phases of their childhood. It can be difficult trying to determine which things need to be checked, so in this article, we look at some of the most important ones that should be done every year.

All round yearly check-up

This is the most important one of all. It will check whether your child has all of the recommended vaccinations and is fully protected, that their height and weight is on track and that their general health is as it should be. It also gives you the chance to discuss any concerns that you may have and you can ask for things to be done, such as test if your child is gluten intolerant or has any allergies.

Eyesight Tests

Eyesight tests are very important for children because undiagnosed sight issues can have a significant negative impact on their education. If a child cannot see properly, it can prevent them from seeing the board at school, reading, taking notes, and generally being able to complete their work in class. If they play a sport or a game, they may find it difficult to participate and are a much higher risk of injury. Yearly tests are essential because our eyesight can deteriorate quickly and we may not notice. Here are a few things to keep a (literal!) eye on, as it may indicate possible vision problems:

  • Complaining of headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Rubbing their eyes
  • Tired eyes when doing homework or work in class
  • Losing their place when reading a book
  • Worsening academic performance

Hearing Check

Babies usually have a hearing test shortly after birth, but then there aren’t any more scheduled in. It is important to contact your family doctor and have a hearing test booked in before they start school, as well as having them done regularly throughout their childhood. Just like with eyesight, unless your child is experiencing obvious symptoms of hearing impairment, deterioration or hearing loss can be challenging to pick up on. Identifying any issues early is key to reducing the impact it has on their life.

Oral Checks

Oral health is incredibly important for children – and adults. These check-ups need to begin as soon as their baby teeth have come through and happen every six months throughout the rest of their life. The very basics of their dental health are established during their younger years, which is why it is so important to make sure these are done on a regular basis. .Here are some of the benefits of biannual dental check-ups:

  • Your child will receive advice for optimum dental hygiene and maintenance
  • Dental check-ups prevent cavities and tooth decay
  • Your child will learn proper dental hygiene practices

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