Ah, to see life through the eyes of a child. Everything is so novel and exciting, something that can seem so normal and mundane to us as adults can be one of the most thrilling things in the world to a kid. Trains are one thing that children can become fascinated with, typically little boys but of course not limited to them! If your little ones have developed a love for locomotive, here are a few fun ways you can help them to learn more and explore their interest.

Ride a steam train

A steam train ride is fun for all of the family, even for those who don’t have a passion for rail. There are lots of companies that run these kinds of adventure days, one tip is to check a site like Groupon as they often have these heavily reduced. You get to ride the old fashioned steam train, enjoy the scenery and can enjoy a picnic on board. You get to explore the destination the train is taking you to before heading back home. It’s a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon, and is sure to go down well with those who love trains.

Join a rail group

If your little one loves watching the trains go by, see if there are any rail groups locally for children. Otherwise, you could brush up on trainspotting tips and take them yourself, find the best platforms and inform staff as to what you’re doing. You will usually be allowed to sit and observe with no issues, unless you’re in a dangerous place (where you won’t want to be stood with your child anyway!) It might not be of much interest to you, but something like this could make a great hobby for a child, and teach them all kinds of new skills which would help them in other areas of their life. Accurately recording details, having a keen eye and a passion are all examples.

Go to a train museum

There are lots of museums where you can view old locomotives, train engines, model trains and more. It’s a chance to explore, learn more and immerse yourself in the world of locomotives! Something that will be absolutely fascinating to a child with a rail interest. Have a look online and see what kinds of train- related museums are local to you.

Build model trains

Finally, if you want something train- related to do at home then building models could be the answer. It’s a fantastic rainy-day activity, and you should easily be able to find something at your local hobby store or online that fits the bill. A company in NSW is even selling a live locomotive model allowing you to own a piece of history; its shows that there’s something for everyone out there- from kids to serious collectors. From intricate wooden designs to more child friendly options, building models or playing with model trains something you could do together as a way to spend quality time, and helping your child develop their passion.

Are your kids crazy about trains? What kinds of things do you like to do to encourage their passion?

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