If you are looking for a toy to buy your child for their birthday or you’re already planning Christmas, then you should certainly consider the possibility of buying a kids kitchen. 

This sort of toy is something which is highly popular because it fits into the category of role playing. Children love to use their imagination and pretend to be different people for the day. Plus, for parents, it is a great way to teach about nutrition. Head to Early Life Health Nutrition Coalition for specialist advice.

There are lots of great kid’s kitchens on the market today. This is great because it means that you are bound to find something to suit your budget and your child’s taste. However, it can also make it more difficult when it comes to a final decision regarding what to buy. But don’t worry – as that is where this article comes in. Here are some ideas…

Little Tikes Double Up Kitchen & Laundry Centre Primary

The best thing about this toy is that it contains double the fun because it is practically toy products in one. First and foremost you have the kitchen section which is silver and red in design. It also contains the following features; a microwave, a refrigerator, double ovens, a sink and a play phone. In addition to this you have the laundry centre section as well, which is red and orange in design. This features a compact washer, a dryer and an ironing centre. If that isn’t good enough, this kid’s kitchen also comes with a 15 piece accessory kit as well. A final point worth noting is that this Little Tikes product is suitable for children aged three years old and above.

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Pink

This kitchen is perfect for any little girly girl because of its pretty design. It features a modern and sleek look, and it’s pink colour makes it perfect for any princess Moreover, it comes complete with the following features; a cordless phone, a microwave, oven doors, a sink, knobs which click and turn and doors which open and close. A final point worth noting is that the size of this kitchen is as follows; 84 cm in length x 33 cm in width x 91 cm in height.

Ecoiffier Bubble Cook Kitchen 

The best thing about this kitchen is obviously the cheap price tag. But don’t worry; what it lacks in price it certainly does not lack with regards to quality. The kitchen features a bright and exciting design, and it boasts the following colours; orange, pink, green and lilac. Furthermore, the Bubble Cook Kitchen comes with a 14 piece accessory set, meaning that your child can get to cooking up a storm straight away. A final point worth noting is that the kitchen is suitable for children that are aged 18 months old and above.

So there you have it; three of the top kitchens available for children today. Which one will you be buying?