Having a baby can really put a giant, baby-shaped spanner in the works when you are trying to decide what to do with yourself. Unfortunately, life doesn’t just stop and wait patiently for our little people to grow up and go to school, so if you want to be able to pay the bills and keep a roof over your head, you may have to look into going back to work. There are three camps for new mothers: the first are those who have the luck to be able to stay at home and manage on the wage of their partner. The second are those who can’t and have to head back to work at the earliest opportunity to keep the finances afloat. Then there are the third, who have the option to stay at home but choose to go back to work after a few months.

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Regardless of the circumstances, childcare often crops up. Even the mothers who are able to stay at home occasionally need to know their options with regards to childcare; every mother needs a break sometimes! Looking for an extra pair of hands to help when you have to return to work or even just someone to help so you can have a much-needed evening out, isn’t easy. Short of contacting Benchmark Childcare Sales and starting a childcare business of your own where you could , you need to be aware of the options that are laid out for you. The childcare options are many and they aren’t one size fits all. What will work for one family, won’t for another. Don’t panic though: no matter what happens, you’ll be able to find a childcare provider that can meet your needs.

Mother’s Helper

Not many people have heard of this as an option, but you could bring someone to your home to help you with the childcare without having to leave your children. Mostly, a mother’s help is someone who is an inexperienced babysitter, or someone of high school age who wants to help out and gain some experience by minding the children while under your watchful eye. It’s a great way to get the extra childcare at a lower cost, especially if you work from home. The extra pair of hands is great, and you can really be a part of shaping someone else’s future.

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When you are trying to balance your job and children, you can find yourself run off your feet. Trying to get out of the front door on time every morning is stressful and when you spend time away from the home, you end up rushing the kids every day which ends up in rows and upset. Having a nanny, whether live in or live out, can take the pressure off. It helps to have someone working alongside you to help to keep the children in a good routine, and a nanny has a far more involved relationship with the whole family than a mother’s help. Nannies are dedicated to the childcare profession, and often are qualified to the hilt with background checks and references at the ready. Using a nanny agency to get a nanny into your home is common, as all those checks that you need to get done are completed for you.

Day Care Center

Until your children are of school or kindy age, a day care center can provide the right childcare option for your children. You may only work part time, so dropping your little one off for their play session under the watchful eye of qualified professionals is a great way to ensure that you are getting the right care for your little one. The costs can vary, depending whether you want a Montessori setting or not, but most centers provide full time or part time daycare, so you can juggle the hours to suit yourself. Children get to interact with others, which is a huge advantage over a nanny or a mother’s helper, and you get the satisfaction of watching them grow socially.

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Also known as a family day care, childminders do the same job as a nanny, except they care for more than one child and they do it from the comfort of their own home. They are often cheaper than a daycare center, and they are always licensed so that you know that you are getting the right care for your child. The smaller group of children means that you get more personalised care and that type of setting can really suit your child if they are nervous of larger groups of children.

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Grandma’s House!

If you are in the very fortunate position of having a grandparent nearby, you could use that option for your childcare. You should always offer to pay towards food and their time, as they’re enjoying retirement and not working, but the relationship between grandparent and grandchild can really be maximised this way. The quality time spent with a familiar face also means that you can be assured that your child is cared for by someone that you trust. You must ensure that you communicate effectively about times for drop off and pick up, though. The last thing that you need on your very busy plate is to strain a relationship with a family member.

Trying to find the perfect childcare is often trial and error. It’s good to know that one particular style isn’t necessarily better than another, as it’s very much a case of what works for one family won’t suit another. The best childcare provider around is one that will match what your family needs, and you need to be prepared to try different types of provider before you commit. You want consistency in the care that your child receives, and you always want them to have the right attention paid to them. It’s important for the wellbeing of your child that you choose carefully and pay attention to their individual needs so you can be confident in your choice.