I’m trying to break up with weetbix and find some healthier wholefood toddler breakfast ideas…. not all the time as they’re a pretty handy go too when little Mr is screaming for food first thing in the morning.  My little boy has just turned 2 and he eats like a machine, so I’m also on a mission to boost the protein and other nutritious goodies to fill his tummy.

This morning I tried a sweet omelette – total hit!  When my boy was younger we went through a phase of paleo pancakes (egg & banana mashed and fried into pancakes) and this is a nice reminder of what a hit that was as a snack.  This version is a bit chunkier now he’s bigger – for little ones, just blend it, so it’s smooth.

Because we’re in the caravan I have limited ingredients so I mixed it up a bit and it was delicious!

You’ll need:

Cinnamon Powder
Vanilla Powder

If I was at home I’d use coconut oil to cook it in, but I didn’t have any.


Crack your eggs into a bowl, add your cinnamon and vanilla and whisk away until it’s all combined and fluffy.  Chop your banana in and mash it through – I wanted bigger chunks so didn’t mash too hard.  While your whisking, heat up your pan.

Pour it all into the pan, wait until the edges start to lift, poke the middle of the omelette so the raw egg can fall into the middle and cook.  When it’s cooked, fold it over and serve with a big dollop of yoghurt.

I sliced my lil guys into omelette fingers so he could use his hands and dip it into the yoghurt.  Total winner!

Let me know if you have any great clean eating toddler breakfast ideas, I’m pretty happy to have a little extra time to try some new flavours out and discover new ways to get more goodness into my growing boy.

Big cooking and nurturing love mummas x