They say that hindsight is 20/20, but I assure you, when it comes to remembering your first months as a Mum, things get a little blurry!

Most Mums will try and tell you about the “beauty of bringing a new life into this world”. The cuddling, bonding, and don’t forget that new baby smell! They all conveniently seem to forget the leaking, crying, sleep deprivation, more crying, and complete and utter confusion when this miniature person who can’t yet walk, talk, or wipe themselves, has managed to enter your home and instantly take the throne as commander-in-chief of Mummy Town.

Let’s not sugar coat it, there will be times where you will consider packing your suitcase, dying your hair, and going on the run! The only thing that will stop you is the sleep deprived version of yourself telling you that this baby could quite possibly be a tiny spy that was sent to detain and torture you, and will track you down should you attempt to escape…it’s safer to stay put really!

These 7 Tips To Keep Your Sanity will help you survive those initial months of chaos, and make it through to the other side where they transform into beautiful, blurry memories of an adorable child and their Mum!

  1. Accept any and all help!
    For some, being a new Mom becomes about doing things your way, and showing everyone what a fabulous parent you can be. Don’t let your pride or overconfidence rob you of the precious meals, naps, and showers accepting a helping hand can get you!
  2. Maximize on nap time!
    You’ve probably been told over and again that you should “nap when baby naps”, and while you will absolutely need your sleep, don’t force it! Use this time to do what you feel will benefit your mental state the most at that time. If it’s sleep, get comfy. If you need to zone out for a bit, throw on your favorite movie or TV show. If it’s stressing you out seeing the dishes piling up in the sink, get scrubbing. The point is to only fill this time with things that will make you happier, not things you “have to do”.
  3. Self Care is key!
    This ties in well with #2, but is worth mentioning on it’s own. Taking care of yourself will not only boost your confidence (which can dwindle postpartum), but will give you the boost you need to have just a little more patience when you’re ready to tear your hair out! Even simple things like a quick shower every day, a walk around the block, or getting your hair done can make a world of difference!
  4. Find your new normal.
    Adjusting to your new life and role can be challenging at best! Try and build a routine for yourself (not baby, because they will 100% not cooperate!). This will not only help bring some structure back to your life, allowing you to feel a little more in control, but is also a great solution for those that suffer from severe Mommy Brain!
    Sleep deprivation can do incredible things to the human brain, and can have you forgetting to do simple things like eating, so having a routine will help you stay on track with day to day activities until you make it out of the newborn woods.
  5. Be prepared to change your clothes multiple times a day!
    You will leak, they will leak, it’s really just a big bodily fluid fiesta! So always have extra clothes handy wherever you go, and spare yourself the embarrassment of having to spend the day with baby vomit on your shoulder, and a wet bra!
  6. Remember this only happens for a short period of time, so enjoy it!
    Yes, it’s messy and exhausting, but try your best not to get lost in the moment, it’s temporary. The smell, the firsts, their little bobble head, the way they snuggle into your chest, it doesn’t last forever, so soak it up while you can!
    When else is will it be acceptable for you to curl up with your little one and take 10 naps in a 24 hour period? Enjoy it!
  7. Forgive yourself!
    You’re going to screw up, it’s just a fact. You’re going to make mistakes, not know the answers, snap at your spouse, and your house will look like a tornado ripped through it more often than not – Let it go!
    You have a much more important job to focus on, and that is getting to know the newest member of your family…they’re going to be there awhile!

Every Mum will run into different hurdles, and find different ways to get over (or around) them, and that’s OK! The key is to not get lost in the mix, know that it’s alright to ask for help, and do whatever you need to do to feel confident that at the end of the day, your family is getting the best possible version of you!