Parenting is really, really hard work and if your kid, or kids, are happy, healthy and staring forward at a bright future, you can certainly be proud of your efforts so far. Unfortunately, the role of a parent never ends no matter if your child is four-years-old, or forty-four! You children will always need your advice, from help with their homework to advice on their first mortgage. You’ll always need to be there for your children throughout their lives and sometimes the pressure and size of that responsibility can take its toll and leads to stress and other issues.

Your kids don’t mean it, but they can be a lot to manage. Sometimes a break is needed, not so you can get away from your kids and forget about them, but so that you can recharge your batteries and get back to being the best parent that you can possibly be. A rest is important as you need the energy and clarity of mind to guide your kids through each challenging day in life (every day brings its own unique challenges!). Sometimes, your children will want all the attention in the world, meaning that ‘you’ time can be seriously limited. You might be able to find some solace for five minutes, but that won’t be good enough, is five minutes enough for you? Probably not!

Taking a night off from parenting is something we all need to do at some point. It can be hard to break away from your kids, especially so if they are young. You should certainly stick around if your child is a newborn, but if they are able to walk and talk, you should consider getting out for the night. You’ll have to sort out some care though. Your kids cannot look after themselves, and you’ll need to consider bringing in a babysitter right until the age of about 14-15 depending on your kids and how responsible that they can be.

Hiring a babysitter is fairly easy. There are some professionals, but you might trust an older relative or family friend with caring for your kids. If your parents are available, they’ll do perfectly. It’s important to leave instructions and advice – especially if your children have any allergies! This is so your children can receive the best care possible in your absence.


As for your break? There are no end to the things you can do. You might head to the bar with your partner for a night out; you might go for dinner. You could do something more interesting and head out to a gig, sporting event by checking The Ticket Merchant website, or another site. If you’re adventurous, you might consider a small holiday for a few days to get out to a new place. All of these are valid breaks, as long as it is something you’ll enjoy.

Parenting is a full-time role, but you should still find the time for a getaway, break or vacation simply to ensure you can refresh and get back to being the best parent that you can be.
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