Even though allergies are not always life-threatening, they can be quite dangerous if neglected. And even though allergens really are everywhere, there are some cleaning tips that can help you chase them away.

Living room

Replace your upholstered furniture with leather, wood, plastic or metal furniture, and spread aquarium gravel over the soil in you plant pots. Pets such as cats and dogs are not desirable guests in allergic people’s houses, so consider keeping your darlings outside. If you are considering adding a fireplace to your home, avoid those wood-burning ones because the smoke from them can only worsen the respiratory allergies.


Kitchens should also never be neglected when it comes to allergy-proofing. If you don’t have a vented exhaust fan above your stove, make sure you install it immediately and use it every time you are cooking. It is going to reduce smells, humidity and mold accumulation in your home. Next, never let your sink be full of dirty dishes – wash the dishes right after you are done with them and also to scrub the sink and faucets to prevent the possible mold and debris from accumulating. Wipe the excess moisture in your fridge and make sure you never keep moldy or out-of-date food in there – empty and clean it regularly.

Your cabinets and counters should also be cleaned with a detergent and water at least once a week, and food should be stored in sealed containers. Avoid having an open garbage can and always clean the food crumbs to avoid attracting rodents and cockroaches.


The first and probably the most dangerous place in your bedroom is definitely your bed. You can’t even imagine how many germs and allergens are crawling through your mattress right now. Dust mites for example, which are the most common allergens of them all, are feeding on your dead skin. If you are allergic to them and also suffer from sneezing and breathing difficulties during the night – consider investing in new mattresses for you and your family members. After getting your new mattresses, encase them in dust-mite-proof covers. Also, make sure you wash your sheets, blankets and pillowcases at least once a week in water that is heated to at least 60 °C.

Replace all the wool and feathered beddings with synthetics ones, remove carpets and opt for area rugs that are washable, and vacuum the room and wipe the dust weekly or even more frequently.

When it comes to windows, make sure you use curtains that are washable and made of synthetic fabric, and that your windows are closed during the pollen season – your AC is going to serve you much better. Also, clean the mold as soon as you notice it.

Finally, make sure there is no clutter and that you have only easy-to-clean furnishings in your room – basically, things made of metal, wood, plastic or leather; upholstery is a no-no, and keep your pets STRICTLY OUT of your bedroom.


Reduce the moisture in your bathroom by installing an exhaust fan, paint the walls with mold-resistant paint or install tiles. Also, use washable rugs and always keep your tub dry and your shower closed. Make sure you always scrub the mold and disinfect whenever you have the chance.


If you have moldy or water-damaged carpeting in your basement, make sure you replace it with vinyl. Repair any sources of water damage and leaks, install a dehumidifier and make sure you clean it at least once a week. When it comes to storage, store your clothes in plastic bins.

Bonus tips

Besides cleaning tips, there are some universal tips you possibly didn’t know of. For example, you can keep the pollen away from your eyes by wearing sunglasses, and away from your home by ditching all your pollen-producing indoor plants. You can fight dust mites with a hot wash and adjust the humidity level in your home in order to control mold if you use a dehumidifier or an air conditioner. Finally, wear a mask while cleaning your home if you are allergic to cleaning products and use a dryer instead of hanging your wet clothes outside during the pollen season.

Final and one of the most important advice we have for all of the allergy-prone people is to ban smoking  inside of their homes – no excuses.  



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