Ah, holiday! Who hasn’t yet experienced the stress of figuring out where to spend the next holiday with their families, booking a trip abroad for everyone, just to wonder why holidays have to be so complicated. Here’s a little piece of wisdom for you: You don’t need to travel abroad to recharge your batteries. In fact, you can enjoy refreshing and soul-changing breaks at home. Forget about visa and planes; it’s time to plan your next staycation holiday in Australia. Whether you want to broaden your horizon or to reconnect with nature, Aussie-land has everything you need and much more!

Just stay at home

Let’s start with the most precious holiday you’ll ever have with your family. Choose to stay at home – no, we don’t mean in your region, we mean literally inside your home. What can you do to make it feel different from every other day? Start with the most obvious chore, cleaning, and leave it to someone else. Get a home-cleaning company to give your home a full clean. Then, you only need a few touches to give your home that perfect hotel touch: Change your bed sheets and place a vase of fresh flowers in the bedroom, buy a new mug for your morning coffee and plan the indulgent dinners you never allow yourself normally.

Cover image: Adventurous camping staycations

Bohemian camping adventures

Why not reconnect with your adventurous soul and go on a camping tour through Australia? Get the caravan ready for the trip and enjoy waking up the sun, alongside a beach you’ve never visited before. Admittedly, if you want the holiday to be relaxing for everyone, you need to consider your packing plans carefully. You’ll need to bring a few toys and games for the kids – but also for the entire family to play together – as well as the necessary toileting and outdoor gear to make sure that you don’t need to worry about anything.

Staying at home but far from home

How about discovering a new part of Australia while letting someone else pamper your family? There’s nothing better than playing the tourist in your own country! It’s fun and relaxing to explore new spots you didn’t know about. If you’re looking to book an accommodation at one of Summerstars caravan parks, you’ll get to make memories that last a lifetime along the stunning Western coastline. And bonus if you’re not into camping: The parks also offers cabins and chalets across its multiple locations, so that you can be among nature with the touch of luxury you need to relax.

A romantic getaway

Finally, why not be selfish for once and leave the kids behind – ask trusted relatives to look after them while you rediscover the pleasure of a romantic break with your partner. Qualia, on Hamilton Island, is a honeymoon destination for all those who want to wake up to the breathtaking views of the Coral Sea. Even without a honeymoon, it’s a beautiful place to fall in love again. Or you could book a peaceful spa weekend together in a quiet setting.

In short, staycations are far from being dull. Think of them as stay-fabulously Australian-cations!