Australia is such a beautiful place that you’re missing out on many wonderful experiences if you limit yourself to one location. That’s why the best way to explore this fantastic nation is to cruise from one marvellous destination to another. If you’re looking for inspiration, then here are some ideas for breathtaking Australian road trips.


So many areas in New South Wales are well-suited to road-tripping, but Sydney is definitely the perfect place to start. This city is absolutely ginormous, and the landmarks only form the tip of the iceberg. Starting off with the Opera House is a must, of course. As pictured above, it’s utterly beautiful. This one-of-a-kind structure has a sublime exterior design, but its interior is spectacular too. If you’re looking for an excuse to explore the building, then you should book tickets to see a performance there. You might have been to the theatre before, but no theatrical performance is quite as impressive as a performance at the Opera House.

You should explore some of the areas surrounding Sydney too. If you’re looking for a road trip, then this city is the perfect place to start because it’s surrounded by an abundance of naturally beautiful locations. You might want to check out these 20+ ideas to road trip to from Sydney. That could help you to plan some fantastic trips from this magnificent city. The Blue Mountains are particularly beautiful, and they’re only situated about 50km outside Sydney, so that could be a great location to put on your ‘Must See’ list.

The Great Ocean Road

If you’re looking for an idyllic and iconic Australian road trip, then you should head down the Great Ocean Road. This incredible road stretches for 151 miles, and it’ll treat you to some breathtaking sights. Many people argue that this is the best road trip in the world (never mind Australia), so you’d be missing out if you didn’t plan to cruise down this unbelievable strip of tarmac at some point during your Aussie adventures. The Twelve Apostles are one of the main sights to stop and admire on your way. These striking natural limestone formations are otherworldly and simply wonderful. You should also take some breaks to head inland from the coast. Areas of natural splendour such as the rainforest in the Great Otway National Park are absolutely awe-inspiring. You should walk through this fantastic park and explore all of the natural sights.


You might also want to visit Uluru near Alice Springs. Also known as Ayers Rock, there’s something incredibly special about this gargantuan monolith located in the heart of the Northern Territory. It’s visually breathtaking, but it’s also spiritually and culturally significant. There are ancient Petroglyphs on the surface of this fascinating natural structure. There are plenty of Aboriginal myths and legends surrounding this intriguing place. Of course, the truly wonderful thing about this place is that the nearest town, as mentioned before, is Alice Springs. It’ll take a few hundred kilometres of road-tripping to reach Uluru from that town, so you’ll have plenty of natural sights to admire on your way.

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The Sydney Opera House is utterly stunning, and its magnitude is even more astounding in person.