Yesterday I was honoured to sit on a panel at Facebook HQ in Sydney as a parent for a meet the parents session around how we steal moments of time.

Wowee!  I’m excited about it for three reasons….

  1. It got me out of the house – alone – and for 1/2 a day I got to feel like my pre baby self. So much freedom!
  2. I got to wear an outfit that I didn’t have to consider chasing a dirty toddler in.
  3. It was facebook!  I have a consulting business and have helped small business with social media since 2011 and set up my previous business utilising the group function in 2007. A day at facebook was like visiting Mecca!

I’m sure my friends that work there will laugh at me, but I don’t care it was cool.

We had 80 brand managers in the room who genuinely wanted to better understand how parents use social media.  Super interesting to see some of the stats BUT the best bit of all.  Chatting with other parents.

Parents who use social media A LOT.  It was so great to know that I’m not the only mum in the world stealing a moment of secret scrolling time with my phone hidden under the cot as my boy goes to sleep.

It was so great to hear other parents experiences and finding out how the parents who have been there before and now have multiple kids, make time and the emphasis on being yourself first and a mum second.  If you can be the very best you that you can be, it will only make you be an even better mum.

Parents spoke about how they had more energy if they took some timeout.  For one mum that meant getting up at 4.30am everyday by choice so she could squeeze in a workout and a swim and still be home for breakfast with her boys – Ah-mazing!.  Let me tell you, this woman was an inspirational powerhouse and a ball of energy that was infectious to be around.  I would love to be more like that than the mum chasing her third coffee to peel my eyelids open!

I pondered after the event, how we can all sometimes focus on the real negative parts of parenting and how it really is a total identity shift from the very moment your baby arrives.  I also pondered how just one moment in life can have such a significant impact and the importance of making the effort to be around people who bring light and happiness to our worlds.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

After being priviledged to spend some time with some amazing, positive and energetic parents, it inspired me to make more of an effort to see what sort of happy difference I can bring to the world again.  I got a bit lost for a while there, navigating the new mum seas and can happily say I’m back and I’m sure my family and friends will be glad to see it.

How different would your day be if you focused on being the instagram of sharing happy positive things rather than the downer newsfeed of all of your challenges?

Peace out Mummas x