It goes without saying that once you have a baby, everything changes. And when I say everything, I mean everything!

From your daily routine, to how much you sleep (or don’t sleep!), to how your jeans fit (or don’t fit!), and yes, even personal hygiene!

When you first bring baby home, you are overjoyed to have this new life that you created in your arms, so much so that you can hardly put them down. However, once the “honeymoon phase” has passed, it becomes your job as a mother to get as creative as possible in order to complete what you once used to look at as simple tasks.

One major event that becomes nothing short of a miracle for a new Mum to pull off is taking a shower!

Here’s how this usually goes down…

You make the decision that you must shower today (or at least within the next 48 hours?) after either passing by a mirror and catching a glimpse of your messy hair knotted on top of your head, or simply getting a whiff of what motherhood actually smells like.

You start to formulate a plan in your head, strategically picturing what every step will look like in order to make sure that nothing will get in the way of your “mission”.


You’ll shower after you feed your little one and put him to sleep. If you shower fast, the odds of him waking up while you’re in the shower are slim to none! Perfect…well, he probably won’t wake up…


You decide you better bring baby in the bathroom with you…for his sake, of course!


Strategically placing the baby seat where he is in view of the shower, you begin to undress, and the excitement of getting clean becomes overwhelming…you wonder when you got so dirty that a shower became so exhilarating.


Finally getting the water turned on, baby wakes up. You spend the next 25 minutes naked, sitting on the side of the bath tub, rocking him back to sleep (and don’t dare turn off the water, it’s not worth the risk of having to start over again!)


Once he’s asleep, you climb into the shower. You poke your head out of the shower curtain every 17 seconds, positive that you hear him crying…he’s not.


You begin to shampoo, and once you’re rocking the “suds look” he wakes up, and is screaming. You pull back the curtain and begin singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” while half dancing, half rinsing the shampoo from your hair.


You slip during your performance and pull a muscle on the way down. You are now sudsy, naked, and on the floor of the tub, but somehow have not missed a beat of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.


Unsure if you’ve washed all the soap from your hair and body, but no longer caring, you turn off the water, crawl out of the tub, dry off and sigh in relief that it’s all over.


Mission Accomplished!

Hot tips for getting a shower in with a baby welcome!  Share the love in the comments, who knows, you may just help one mumma maintain her personal hygiene standards!