For mothers who raise their children full-time, it’s pretty easy to become sleepy in the early evening. The kids have been running around, you’ve been playing games and getting them engaged in books and helping out around the house. So by late 5pm, it’s little wonder that many mothers would quite like a nap before dinnertime. However you know that the day has to carry on, you may want to run a few errands just before stores close, and you may also want to have a little bit of alone time to get in a late yoga session. Regardless of the reason, you know you have to stay awake until it’s okay to go to bed. What if you’re going on a romantic date with your partner and you have bags under your eyes? What if you know you’ll be going out to a work function as a couple and you have a little dry skin on your face? Fatigue and sleepiness are not a good look in public and so it’s only right that you have ways to shake it off.

A little extra help

Dry and frizzy hair happens to all of us. It’s a sign that you’ve either been out in the sun for too long, haven’t had a proper wash with a good conditioner, or just simply a sign of stress. Hair is one of those parts of our body that always tell the truth about how you’re really feeling. Hair that is split at the ends, won’t comb through easily and generally doesn’t shine, are things that happen to us when we’re stressed, tired and frustrated. Hair extensions offer that little bit of extra help that you need to look great. They can add in the natural shine that you might be missing and most importantly give you body and length. They can make your hair look more full and dense while at the same time blending into your normal roots.

Fighting the grey circle

When we are tired we feel it through our eyes too. They obviously are open for a long time and they don’t get the rest they need to rejuvenate and recharge. Hence why the awful grey circle around our eyes forms. You can fight this off by applying tea bags to your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes every day. However green tea is known to have anti-inflammatory qualities that may be more effective than just normal tea. Lemon slices are good too but the acid in them only helps the complexion and not necessarily the tiredness.

Dehydrated lips

One of the most easily recognisable signs that you are tired is dry lips. The dehydration that is on your lips comes from a general lack of water in your system but also when you are overheating from strenuous activity. Use coconut oil rather than vaseline on your lips to get rid of the chapped skin. Vaseline lasts longer but gives off a shine that you might not want whereas coconut oil is more subtle.

Being a full-time mom is not easy and then having to go out on dates, conventions and generally out in public while tired and sleepy doesn’t bode well for confidence. Use these techniques to shake off that look.