Preparing for parenthood is difficult. You can’t know what to expect before the baby arrives, but you will find it easier to adapt to the new changes if you have everything you need already in place. Most parents worry about how they will ensure the safety of their new baby. Fortunately, plenty of other parents have paved the way for us with their experience. There are also a number of appliances and devices that make it much easier to keep the little ones safe. Here are five smart appliances that every parent needs to protect their baby’s health:

Hygiene Tools

A steam steriliser for baby bottles remains one of the most convenient appliances to keep in the home because it offers parents an easier way to clean baby’s bottles fast and effectively. Steam sterilisers also prevent nasty bacteria and fungus from growing in the hidden crevices and corners of baby bottles. 

This problem is more common than you might think, and repeated illness can result from exposure to the mould elements that accumulate in the small holes and crevices of baby bottles. To wipe this concern from your mind, invest in a good quality baby bottle steriliser.

Home Safety

As your baby reaches the crawling stage, you will need to acquire some safety gates for the home, especially if you have a double story house. Unless you baby-proof the entire house, there will be areas that are simply not safe for small explorers. 

Safety gates can extend or contract to fit most doorways. They work by attaching to their side of the doorway, preventing pets like dogs from moving around through the house, and preventing small children from crawling or toddling to unsafe areas in the home.

Kitchen appliances

While not essential, good quality cookware, like an induction stovetop and matching cookware, can help to improve the overall safety of your home. Induction cooking can reduce the chance of burns, fire hazards, and other risks associated with stovetops since heat is only produced when the cookware touches the heating pad. 

Generally speaking, good quality cookware lasts a lifetime. Investing in it means you reduce the risk of injuries (like burning yourself or your child if a pot handle breaks and boiling hot food or water spills). These incidents are surprisingly common.

Monitoring Equipment

Would you love to have a real-time view of your baby sleeping without the risk of accidentally waking them up? Wish you could close the baby’s door so you can make some noise, but still be able to hear your little one? High-tech monitoring devices have been a lifesaver in the parenting world. 

Baby monitors can bring parents peace of mind, especially in those early days. Moms often find it difficult to sit down and enjoy a break without worrying about their little ones asleep in the bedroom. A baby monitor enables parents to entertain guests or enjoy some relaxing downtime with the baby’s door closed. Modern monitors transmit and audio-visual feed, so one glance can tell you that your baby is doing fine. 

Health Equipment 

A digital thermometer that doesn’t require any physical contact can make it easier for parents to monitor their baby’s temperature during a time of illness. Another handy piece of technology to have on hand is a nebuliser. Great for respiratory illnesses, nebulisers enable you to open the chest using just water, saltwater (to kill germs), or if necessary, specialised medicine you get from your paediatrician.  

Invest in the appliances listed above, and you can have peace of mind that your baby is safe and healthy.