The days are long and the years are short, it’s a nice quote and very true but somedays when the tiny human that is yours is having a tough day and the roller-coaster of frustration is kicking in, we just need to laugh and remember that it’s not forever…  They may be tired, hungry, hot, cold, wet, dry, bored, over stimulated, teething, sick or any number of things and you’ve been working your way through the list to see if you can cheer your bub up and NOTHING is working.

Stop, breathe and take a look at some of these and remember, someone, somewhere is having a worse day than you…

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If you want a laugh, check out ‪#‎assholeparents‬ on Instagram sooo funny!

Spare time…Google Business Meme Baby Images…

Business Meme Baby

I love a bit of Dr Seuss – you can read the full image here
dr seuss explains pregnancy


Share anything that has cracked you up, who knows, somewhere a new mum may just need a bit of a laugh and your find may make her day!