Australia’s most popular holiday destination, Queensland has a little bit of something for everyone from spectacular scenery to buzzing cities. Though it is very difficult to only choose a few attractions to talk about, that is exactly what we are going to attempt to do in this article. Hopefully, you will come away with a better appreciation of the reasons why you should visit here and be ready to plan your next trip.

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Great Barrier Reef

Right at the top of the list of the world’s most iconic attractions, the Great Barrier Reef is a sight which you have to behold with your own eyes. Encompassed within this area is 3,000 coral reefs; 600 continental islands, 300 coral cays; and more than 1,600 species of tropical fish. Divers and snorkelers from around the world come to pay a visit to spot some of the marine life which includes sharks, dolphins and turtles.

Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world is a place where you can wander around windswept beaches, drive through dense forests, and swim in crystal-clear lakes. There are plenty of four-wheel drive adventures around this area (the island has no sealed roads) and the island is home to a rich array of wildlife. In the surrounding waters, sharks, whales and dolphins circle around the colourful flora.

Gold Coast

One of the best-known holiday regions in the whole country, the Gold Coast has experienced a huge boom in the number of visitors over the last few years, and the tourism industry has adjusted accordingly. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy the golden sand, sunshine and ample surfing opportunities.


The third-largest city in the whole country and the capital of Queensland is Brisbane, though it is often overlooked in favour of its more famous bigger brothers Sydney and Melbourne. A boat trip along the river is one of the best ways that you can take in the city while sitting back and relaxing. Book hotels Brisbane CBD if you are looking to stay here. The year-round sunny climate is a major attraction for visitors, and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha is a great place to enjoy it – the home of hundreds of species of plant.

Lamington National Park

One of the state’s most popular national parks is located just a couple of hours away from Brisbane. There are more than 500 waterfalls to wander past, as well as sharp gorges and lush rainforests. Bird-spotters will be spoilt for choice by all the different species which you can find right here.

There is so much more to Queensland than just these five sights, but this gives you a good overview of just a few of the things that you should see while on a trip here. Of course, everything depends on your own personal preferences until you settle on a holiday that is just right for you in this beautiful part of the world.