The caravan is on order and I’m at that exciting stage of fantasy shopping  and mentally prepping for a caravan trip with a toddler.  I want it to be the best trip of my little mans life so far – and ours, which is why I’m mentally planning for how to make it as comfortable as possible for the whole family.

Because of the timing, our little man will be turning two.  That means moving out of the cot into a big bed and not taking the highchair, so it’s a bigger transition than I could’ve imagined when we first hit the “go” button to buying a caravan for some extended family travel around the country with our toddler and dog.

Heres the start of the wish list of what I’d love to take on the road for my boy, starting with the essentials sleeping, feeding and fund in the sun…. its a work in progress!  Let me know what you can’t live without when you travel with your little people.

Babiators.…  because seriously, how cute are these baby friendly sunnies!  Tell me I am not alone here, I was seriously shopping for sleeping and eating and suddenly cute toddler sunnies are on the top of my wish list!

Image: Babiators - Lime Tree Kids

Brolly Sheets – a hot tip from my bestie and mum of 3 gorgeous girls.  Great on a big bed to whip on and off without needing to change the whole bed in the case of an over night accident.  I wish I had found these for the cot as well, apparently they are great in the dryer and come out super soft.  So handy!

Brolly Sheet image - Lime tree kids

Bed Rail – I found this one that is an inflatable bed rail, I’m not entirely convinced its better than a towel or blanket rolled up and secured under the fitted sheet.  For now, it’s on the list!

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 10.16.55 PM

Woollen Blanket – I’m a big fan of merino wool and being unsure how hot or cold it will be, how devine to snuggle my little man up under this beauty.  I haven’t figured out the full toddler bedding for a caravan bunk, any tips welcome!


Booster seat – Space is at a premium and my gut says we are minutes away from out growing the highchair.  So rather than take the full highchair, I thought this booster may be more practical.  I do love the Keter high chair we have and it does have a booster functionality BUT it’s heavy, so in the interest of travelling light – literally.  I think it will be moving to storage.

Image: Urban Baby

Wet/Dry bags – I have a couple of these, but this one looks to be a better size now my boy is a bit bigger.  Best things ever for keeping the spare change of clothes in.  That way the dirty / wet set can pop into the dry bag and the whole lot can go straight into the washing machine.


Placemat – I’ll admit this wasn’t on the list,  they roll up and with so many scabby tables out and about, this seems like a nice hygenic and fun option to make sure my kid isn’t eating gross out germs at any pit stops we need to make.  Plus it will be pretty handy at home as well.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 10.30.56 PM

Scrunch bucket – also, not on the list of essentials, but this looks super cool and a travel essential and rolls up to nothing.  SO COOL!


Quut cuppi and sand kit – I love how compact this looks and can see it being used at the beach and in the shower as a bathtime toy.



OK… so that’s it for tonight, honestly, I’m a bit nervous if I click buy, I have no where to keep it while we get the house ready for renting while we’re on the road.  I’d really love to hear from your experience what you can and can’t live without when you travel as a family.