The strains on your body during pregnancy, childbirth, and after having a baby are immense.  Whilst the majority of your focus will be on nurturing your baby, this is also a time to nurture yourself and take care of your appearance.

New mothers are known for their radiance, yet deep down, it’s all too easy to feel exhausted and depleted, both physically and emotionally, and therefore it’s important to look after yourself and optimise your appearance in order to get back to your pre-pregnancy self, rather than slip down the slippery slope that leads many new moms to losing their former figure as they are unable to shake off the notorious post natal pounds.


The best mother’s are rested mothers, and whilst you might not feel comfortable leaving your baby out of your sight, taking just an hour or so out to attend a meditation class can pay dividends on both your appearance and mood.

Similarly, it’s important you plan some nice activities with your friends and family, that give you the chance to dress up and look at your best.  


The idea of getting plenty of sleep might feel like rubbing salt in an already raw wound, but the more sleep you have, the better you will feel, and the more attractive you will be.  A lack of sleep is often responsible for dull and grey looking skin, dark circles around the eyes, and red eyes that look tired and angry.


Whilst you might not feel like now’s the time to get a facial or have dental implants, no matter how affordable all on 4 implants might be, there’s a need to pamper yourself.  You might feel a little too self conscious to head to a spa, but, the idea of a postnatal massage, teeth whitening, or nourishing facial treatment is a great way to reconnect with yourself and satisfy your need for self-care.

This need for self care is often neglected by new mothers, and the idea of pampering is replaced with Pampers, to the point their needs are often pushed so far out of mind that they end up neglecting themselves on this level.


Exercise is a fantastic thing to do in order to optimise your appearance after having a baby, as most new moms are keen to shed the baby fat, and presuming the exercise is gentle enough to support rather than attack your body – this is a very healthy thing to do.

Exercise releases endorphins into your body that naturally enhance your mood and often, when it comes to optimising your appearance, it’s more about how you feel about yourself rather than how you subjectively look.  After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and as such the most important person to perceive you as “beautiful” is yourself.

In summary, it’s really important to take some time out for yourself and nurture your appearance after having a baby in order to raise your confidence and general feeling of optimism.

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