I’ve been grappling with this for a while, the truth, I don’t feel ready to turn 40 yet.  Seriously, aren’t you meant to have it together and be all grown up and sensible? But the harsh reality stands… I’m turning 40

BUT…  I’ve embraced it and am ready.  Goodbye dirty thirties and hello naughty forty!

A few months ago, I sat and pondered why I was feeling so bummed about growing up, getting old and I was over it. There is so much more I thought I would have achieved by now, although when I think it through I’m super grateful, I have a gorgeous healthy family, a lovely home, my man is beyond amazing, I own my own business, I’ve travelled the world – a few times, and more……

BUT… there is so much more I thought I would have achieved and honestly, it got me down. I was still feeling like I was living in the eternal jet lag like haze that is new parenthood.  I felt flat, I felt like I’d lost the old fun me, I lacked purpose outside of daily parenting and was feeling a little like I was stuck in groundhog day.  So I did what I always do in those times and wrote a list, a list of everything I’d love to achieve before I officially turn 40.

It was like putting a mini bucket list together, so good to think about what I’d love to achieve and focus on the good stuff and the big picture.

Heres some of the list – I’m not going to get it all done before my birthday, but I’ve given it a good go and am feeling super excited about the next year/s!

  1. Get lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and feel good
  2. Buy a fab new outfit in a size 10
  3. Visit Ayers Rock and walk around it
  4. Drive around Tasmania
  5. Swim with Whale Sharks and Ningaloo Reef
  6. Take a photography course, so I can take better pictures of my family
  7. Get Family photos taken
  8. Paint a room
  9. Commission a painting
  10. Family visit to the zoo
  11. Cook at least one new dish a week
  12. Do a fabulous friday or saturday night dinner – staying in is the new going out right #datenightathome
  13. Make Pancakes without a recipe
  14. Master the art of menu planning and efficient shopping
  15. Create a great Vegie and herb garden at home
  16. Kayak around Manly
  17. Walk the full length of Manly beach on the sand – silly but I always take the boardwalk
  18. Take my son for a bike ride
  19. Get really good at one dip to take to BBQ’s and parties
  20. Make more of an effort to see friends – BBQ’s or dinners at our house
  21. Buy a beautiful piece of art with my man (someone suggested this as an anniversary idea
  22. Build my share portfolio – again
  23. Renovate a room – block style
  24. Take my parents for a really REALLY nice lunch and say thanks!
  25. Book Tickets for a live show
  26. Visit the art gallery
  27. Donate Blood – again
  28. Start a cellar – again
  29. Get a Massage
  30. Get my Hair restyled – not so mumsy
  31. Go to the dentist for a full teeth clean and check up
  32. Go to a ballet at the opera house
  33. Go for a great bush walk
  34. Remove the toxic cookware from the kitchen and get myself one luxe french oven
  35. Be able to wake up with energy
  36. Complete a 30 day body reset
  37. Lock in a Mudgee weekend away
  38. Lock in a Hunter Valley weekend away
  39. Lock in a trip to see my Melbourne Friends
  40. Book Europe for 2016

The list was a little longer, nothing major on it, but I’ve managed to smash a few more personal items off off the list and I felt 40 was a nice little number to keep working towards.

The best bit about this whole process was that it took me away from thinking babies and what I was doing right or wrong and shook things up to get me back on a balanced way of living.  I’ve completed the 30 day body reset and am enjoying eating better and feeling like I’m 30 – not 80 in terms of energy.  The Calendar is starting to fill up, we have an ensuite nearing completion and a bedroom that will get a new makeover.  I can make pancakes and a bunch of other stuff without a recipe and my family is eating cleaner and better than we ever have before.  I can pick herbs from our garden to add to dinner – no luck on vegies yet, but it’s getting there. My hair and teeth have been looked after, I’m back in a size 10 and my credit card is ready to go hit the shops for a new outfit.  Lots of the travel things to go, but honestly, it was amazing how simple it was to achieve some of the things that were getting me down.

It’s been a fab project and I am more excited than ever for the next decade of my life.  Feeling so good and loving loving LOVING life as a mum!

Whats on your list of things you’d like to do before your next milestone birthday?


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