Right now in our house it’s all about clearing out and getting ready for our trip of a lifetime with the fambam around Australia in our caravan.  That means I’m looking at all our overstuffed cupboards and wondering how on earth I can work smarter so we have a lush trip on the road.  Starting with the bathrooms.  The big question, which natural baby products can we all share and use as a family, to save taking 3 types of shampoo and body wash.

I’m working on which products work on my son, that work for me as well.  Lets face it, the man of the house is happy with a bar of soap, some deodorant and a razor! So one tiny shelf for him and the rest for the combined hit list to stay fabulous on the road.

Heres the top 10 products that have made the grade so far:


Weleda Calendula shampoo and body wash.  This ticks all the boxes for a fabulous multi use product.  Soft on bubs skin, chemical free, smells devine, leaves babies skin moisturised and is the best thing I have found for his cradle cap prone head in combination with Moo Goo.  I have really fine hair and this is better than any shampoo I have bought myself in ages, I’m not brave enough to try it without a conditioner, but will before we go to see if I can ditch a bottle there too. Additional bonus – It’s gentle enough to use as a facewash and great for cleaning makeup brushes and keeping them extra soft.


For everyone, for everything all the time.  How I lived without wipes is beyond me.  Food mess, dirty bottoms, removing make-up, cleaning the table – benches – bathroom – spills – marks on walls, marks on clothes – the car dashboard. Tell me I am not alone on the multi use of baby wipes.  I love WOTNOT biodegradable baby wipes and Eco Originals. If you’ve read the blog for a while, you’ll know that I am doing my best to keep the chemicals to a minimum from by previous natural baby wipe blog.


We’re trying Dr Bronners Pure-Castile Soap  at the moment, I’m loving the lavender for before bedtime showers, which is what we will be doing most of the time on the road to wash the day off.  I’ve only just started using this, so I can’t talk about the long term verdict yet.


Great as a nappy cream, lip balm, cuticle cream, scratches….. just make sure you have a strict rule of clean hands and zero tolerance for double dipping if you only have one tube, we have them everywhere – nappy wallet, handbag, car, change table.  This Paw Paw ointment has no petrochemicals and the added bonus  of healing honey.  “The uses for this miracle skin care ointment are endless, use on feet to soften cracked heels and prevent blisters in new shoes, rub into cuticles to keep them nourished, on dry elbows, tame eyebrows, cuts, scratches, scars, use alone as a lipgloss or to enhance your organic lipstick.”


Vanessa Megan does a fabulous balm called Baby Bum Bum.  It’s suitable for your nipples when breastfeeding and doubles as a nappy cream.  It’s jam packed with goodness and is a gorgeous deep conditioning lip balm


Grab a baby roll on and go.  While I love the chemical free idea, sunscreens is not something I am totally in love with yet.  I use the Eco Logical baby sunscreen for the big before everyone gets dressed application if I know we have a day in the sun for our healthier option.  On the go I keep an Ego Sunsense Junior roll on in my handbag and we use that for the full family.


Is there anything this stuff doesn’t do!  Baby Massage, Moisturiser, Dry skin lotion, Chapped Lips, Hair Treatment, Cooking.  This one is a no brainer, although it will probably live in the kitchen!


OK I have a son, so this is a must in our house for all the bumps and bruises.  I used the Weleda Arnica Cream.  It’s great for his bumps and bruises, but also for the grown ups when stiff muscles kick in from a great bushwalk or some over eager activity…. like painting your house like you are trying to beat a block or house rules deadline.  If you did use the gym and go a bit too hard, you could use it there as well.


OK so we made a compromise to a roll on here and are using the Vanessa Megan Bug off my Baby roll on.  So far so good, I’ll let you know if we need something stronger in the tropics


Not an everyday thing, but with snotty nose season upon us, this one (simple as that baby vapour rub)  has made the grade for the multi use medical kit.  No petrochemicals so it’s safe on my little mans skin and still strong enough to clear a blocked nose and help him sleep.

I’m still working through all of the scenarios we may encounter on our adventures and how to pack intelligently in a minimal way.

Have you hit the road with your family on an extended trip?  What double up natural baby products do you love?

** As it turns out we have a fair bit of bathroom cupboard space in the caravan so I’ve pretty much packed everything I use at home.  If you’d like to read more about the chemical free and natural products, you can read about them here on Natural skin care products for mums.