One the tragedies of businesses that are run from the home are the immediate gap between the consumer and the business owner. You’re not based in the real world. Therefore, you’re not actually tangible unless consumers interact with you. But there’s the rub, how else can you get people to interact with you than being real to the touch? Don’t lose hope because if you’re willing to play it cool and smart, your business could become apart of customers’ daily lives without them even knowing it. That’s what all successful businesses do you know, they get in and burrow deep inside the minds of their customers. Before they even realize that you’re inside their home and living rent-free upstairs in their brain, it’s too late for them to shrug you off. The one thing you must not forget that no matter how hard it is right now to get your business off the ground, you are part of the future process. Many people at veteran levels in the world of business and trade are saying that the brick and mortar business is but a dinosaur in today’s digital age.

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Tailored blog and interview pieces

You should already have your own blog which is one of the most basic things you need to start and grow your online business. However, there are so many resources online ready and waiting for you that will explain how to set one up. They’ll also go into detail of what kind of style your blog should be such as being conducive to your theme, logo, presentation and perhaps your personality too. When you do start to accumulate a fan base, and they begin to comment on posts you make, this springs up an opportunity. It’s easy to spot a loyal customer as they will interact with you more often and also buy a lot of your products.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to them over email and message them to see whether they would like to be interviewed by you. The whole premise is to ask them why they’re interested in you, what kinds of things they enjoy, how you fit into their lives and what would they recommend to their friends about you and your business. Sometimes people will do this for free as it’s just a friendly chat with none of their personal information needed or published. Other times people might ask for a fee which within a reasonable amount, you shouldn’t dismiss entirely. When visitors read your interview on your blog, they can identify the similarities between the customer and themselves. Many customers buy products for the same reasons but getting it out there in black and white confirms their suspicions and bolsters them conclude your worthiness.

Promotional yet free stuff

Online businesses that are especially run from home need to treat an emotional connection with consumers as the end all and be all; it’s really that serious. What else could give you the edge over other companies that have transitioned from being real-world giants over to online shopping websites? You’re new, fresh and something they haven’t experienced before. Set up some competitions that involve a basic level of interaction. This could be something as small as commenting on a post. Buying a product during a seasonal sale, liking a social media post, etc. it’s no skin off their back and in return they qualify to potentially be gifted free promotional Promo Gallery items. They could be a set of good quality pens, books, and diaries, a cap, umbrellas, custom drinks bottles, large shopping bags, etc. All the items can have your business logo on them and in different color schemes to your choosing. The items themselves are cheap to buy, and they act as a personable gift to those who chose to get more involved in your business. It might not seem like much, but it shows customers you’re willing to give as well as receive, so there’s a fair two-way street relationship. Given that they react to your social media posts, it gives you a chance to increase sales by looking like a ‘happening’ place on the web.

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Be honest about paid promotions

If your online business is to sell your products as well as another brand’s, be open and honest about this. YouTube has had its fair share of scandals whereby many famous online influencers didn’t disclose the fact that they were being paid to promote something and lost a lot of adoring fans. Their trust in them was broken, and this has left a nasty taste in their mouths. If you are going to become an affiliate marketer and seller, have the courtesy to freely show that you are being paid to sell or market the products of another business.

You can do it with taste however, it doesn’t need to be a simple you did it for the money type of scenario. It could be something that you like and recommend to your fans and hope that it will make their lives easier or more comfortable in some ways. Being savvy about the look of the products could also bring you in more sales of those items. If you can choose, select the color scheme of the product which fits into yourself. Despite a product not being your own, it somehow still fits in because it looks very similar. Customers will be more inclined to get something that looks like it came from your business if it aesthetically isn’t too different.

The reason why marketing your business that is primarily set up and indeed run from home is because an emotional connection is like a currency. The more you have of it with your fans, the more likely you are to increase sales and continue on in a perpetual revolution of new products entering into the list and clearing the shelves. Blog posts are incredibly important, but you need to get imaginative. Conducting an interview with a chosen fan who is also an avid customer and asking them questions about why they like you, can form a bridge of familiarity with other customers. Watching positive reactions to your business, passersby are going to give you a second glance which is all you need to get their foot through your door.



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