Becoming a mum is a life changing event in so many ways, one of the biggest challenges we face as modern mums is losing our existing identity as professional business people and wallowing through working out who the new you is as a mum.  It’s a great and challenging adventure.

Hand in hand with that comes the feeling of losing your independence, you’re income is no longer, it’s hard to feel like you are contributing as you used too and your personal shopping money…. pfft!

Don’t dispair, there are a bunch of ways you can keep that shopping money coming in so you can embrace online shopping for baby (or you) during the over night feeds while you are enjoying maternity leave.

  1. Sell excess stuff you already own

    Look around your house, take note of any clutter and realise that soon enough the tiny person in your arms is probably going to take up more of the house than you do.  Make it a challenge, declutter one drawer of cupboard a week (or one each day if your an over achiever or have an amazing sleeping baby).  Take a good look at it and sell what may have value to other people.  There are great buy, sell, swap pages on facebook for your local area.  Join one and have a look what people are selling and get inspired.  I’m doing a personal challenge of “can I make $1000 in a month by cleaning the house”  Stay tuned I’ll keep you posted how I go.  For some things eBay or Gumtree may be a better option.

  2. Freelance

    Depending on your former job, you may be able to pick up a few hours on the side from your former boss or other contacts.  Mums are such an amazing tool for so many businesses that need a hand and may not have the budget to hire a full time person.  You can look at sites like upwork, 99 Designs, Freelancer, Airtasker, or Fiverr to get some ideas about how you may be able to still offer your amazing work and enjoy being a full time mum. Chances are there is another mum struggling to do something that you would find super easy and even enjoyable.

  3. Start a blog or online Business

    OK, I’ll be honest- this one is a long term game plan, but worth throwing in the mix.  If you’ve had online experience it will be easier.  There are so many blogs from people telling you how to get started, if you are interested.  Start reading and have a go at setting something up.  You just need an idea on what value you can add to other people to get started.  If you’re trying to figure it out – find an existing blog and offer to write an article for them.  Try it on and see if it’s for you.  Seriously, trust yourself and have a go, it’s a great adventure.

  4. Multi level marketing

    Not for everyone and I’ll admit I’ve not personally given it a go… yet… never say never. However, I know other mums who are making thousands each month selling Isagenix, Tuppaware, Enjo and other stuff.  I remember growing up, my own mum selling a healthy eating system.  So inspiring to see her doing something that she really enjoyed – bonus that she made an extra income at the same time.

  5. Trade up

    I have a friend who is so savvy on the kids and maternity second hand pages that she made money getting her dream pram.  Serious!  She started by buying one piece and then traded up as she saw better options coming up for sale.  Along the way she picked up all of the accessories and ended up with the best pimped pram I have seen and essentially made money doing it.  She may just be my mum hero!

  6. Take a part time job or job share

    While some companies don’t want to hire part time people, loads do.  Keep an eye out for part time roles or job sharing.  Of course you need to consider the added childcare costs and time.

There are lots of options that can help out your budget outside of working full time.Have a go, pick something and see what you can do.   Whats the worse that can happen right?

P.S excuse the Euro stock image…  I’m blogging at speed to get this live before my bub wakes up and it seems aussie dollar images are a bit light on.  Seriously – how short are these sleep windows! Gotta go!  Let me know what you do to earn some extra pocket money

Let us know, what have you done to earn some extra money without working full time as a new mum?