Packing for a holiday can always be a fun task and it is something which will always make you excited for the adventure that lies ahead. However packing up your luggage effectively can be more difficult than it looks; which is why today we are going to look at some hacks for you to use when packing up.

Stuff underwear into your shoes

The first thing you can do which will always be a massive space saving tool for you on your travels is to use your shoes as storage for your underwear. Underwear is small but it can still take up valuable space in your suitcase, so by stuffing your underwear into your shoes you will be saving this space to use for something else. It is simple and it will make your life a lot easier when packing.

Keep essentials in your carry on

Make sure that you keep some essentials for your trip in the bag you plan to carry with you on the plane. This will include things like your keys, phone, wallet, headphones, a book, food and a power bar for your phone if you have one. Carrying all of this stuff with you will make sure that you have access to it all immediately and that you will have the most comfortable flight you possibly can.

Use a roof box for your car

If you are opting to drive to your holiday location instead of flying, one of the things you can do to make life easier is use Roof Boxes for your car to store the bulk of your luggage. The reason why it can be great to do this is because having storage on the roof can help with the weight distribution in your car and it can make it much easier for you to drive long distances.

Pack up jewellery in a mint box

Packing up jewellery for your holidays is always a good thing to do if you plan to go out for meals and such during your stay. However finding where to place your jewellery can be another matter. Make sure that you place your jewellery into an empty mint tin to keep it all together and safe during your trip and this will make things much easier for you when you come to go out for dinner during the holiday.

Store makeup in lip balm tins

Just as with jewellery, you can save space on makeup by using lip balm tins and squirting small amounts of foundation, concealer and creams into these for the duration of your stay. If you can find a mini eyeshadow palette to bring instead of a large one this can also be a huge help!


Packing up cables can be a pain and when you get to your destination they are often tangled and this can be a huge annoyance. To avoid this you can use cable ties to secure your cables before you leave and they will stay tangle free for the trip!