There’s a lot of big expenses in life, and for most of us, we save up and prepare for them. We put a bit of money away whenever we have the chance to, to make sure any emergencies or life expenses can be taken care of as soon as they arise, and we live much happier because of it!

But there are some life expenses we forget about, or just don’t think about, and it’s these occurrences that carry the most hefty of fines. And if you’re someone who has a vested interest in the safety of your savings account, you’re going to want to think about them right about now. 

So, with that in mind, here’s just a few of the most expensive life situations you definitely need to focus a little more on. 

The Security of Your Home

Keeping your home safe and sound can be very expensive – home insurance alone will cost you a pretty penny month by month, never mind putting contents insurance on top of that. And then comes the need for alarm systems, and keeping the doors and windows locked when you’re not there – these systems can cost upwards of $300, and the locks might need changing every now and then. Who knows when you’re going to lose a key! 

Keeping the House Clean

The house you live in is going to get dirty, there’s no two ways around that. When you’ve got three to four people living in a house, the amount of mess on the floor (and on the walls) can be horrific! And if you’ve got more people to live with, there’s a good chance you’re needing to tidy up at least once a day, every single week. 

Which means cleaning product, and cleaning equipment, are going to carry a very hefty tab. Buying a vacuum when the other one finally breaks down, investing in bleach and other disinfectants, buying a new broom when the cat has pulled all the bristles off the old one… All of these little prices can add up. 

What’ll Happen After Someone’s Gone

And last, but not least, you’ll have to budget for the time after someone is gone. It’s no secret that dealing with a death in the family is hard – it’s going to be a very difficult time to cope with, if only for the period of adjustment you’re going to need. You don’t want to pack more stress and pressure on top of that with the cost of a funeral

It’s not something we think too much about in the here and now, but saving for a funeral is key to looking after your family. It’s a big life expense, and it might just leave a sting one day; no one in the family you love and care for should be left footing the bill. Make sure you give it a think every once in a while. 

Write down every single life expense you can think of, and make sure you budget for it!

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Shona Mackin is a mum to a little boy and massive Bernese Mountain Dog fur baby. In her previous (and current) life, she is the owner of social media agency socialface. As a serial entrepreneur, she aimed to design her businesses to do what she wanted, when she wanted… at least thats what she thought, until she found out her babies had a better plan. Thankfully her former former life as a dancer gave her oodles of flexibility and determination to roll with whatever each new day throws her way… sometimes… other days coffee helps in the morning and wine in the evening or a time out in a hot shower to block out the noise.