Getting a positive result on a pregnancy changes your life. It is an exciting and overwhelming journey to embark on and those newborn and baby days whizz by so fast. From welcoming your child into the world, the sleepless nights and hazy days, not to mention the joys and fun you get from weaning and spending time with your baby. But once the first year is done with you start to see changes in your baby as they advance into toddlerhood and beyond. I thought I would share with you some of the things you can expect now your little one is no longer a baby.

Walking and tumbling

After the first year, you start to notice some massive changes in your baby and one of those happens to be their ability to become more mobile. It might start with some crawling and be pulling themselves onto things, but then it will progress into walking. Along with learning to walk comes the inevitable tumbles and falls. This can be a scary time for any first-time parent, but important for you to understand and resist the urge to cover your baby in cotton wool. It’s also an exciting time to witness as your little one becomes far more independent.

Toddler tantrums

As your child starts to walk and gain independence, they also happen to develop a way of expressing their emotions and feelings. The thing is, they can’t always verbalise how they feel and so inevitably if they are not happy you can find yourself in the midst of a toddler tantrum. Children don’t care when or where these tantrums happen, much to the dismay of the parent. But they are an important part of growing up as your child learns how to behave and communicate their feelings in better ways. The trick for any parent is to remain calm and let the emotion or frustrations overtake them.


Their journey into education

Education is part and parcel of a child growing up, so it’s important for you to consider the decision wisely. You may have a child that has had some early learning experience down to childcare, but then comes the decision on kindergarten and schooling to think about. Every parent only wants what is best for their child, so it’s essential to explore all your options when it comes to education and schooling.

The conversations you have

You may have noticed your child has started to babble in their first year and may even be making sounds such as “mama” or “dada.” But nothing compares to the conversations you will have as your child starts to string words and sentences together. It’s exciting to witness how a child sees the world through their young eyes. They tend to say things as they are, so don’t be bothered about sudden outbursts in public where they state out loud exactly what you might be thinking about someone or a situation. Just laugh it off and savour the memories.

I hope this has given you an insight of what life is going to be like after a baby.

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