As a mum, you probably worry about the health of your kids a lot. Whilst you can’t control the outside world, you can control your own house. That’s why you should aim to create a healthy and safe environment for your children to enjoy. And it’s for your benefit too – after all, parents need to stay healthy for the sake of their kids. Here’s the key to creating a healthy and safe home environment.

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Clean and declutter your home.

Your first job on this quest to create a healthy home is to clean and declutter your household. Get some cleaning socks if you can’t deal with the exhaustion of mopping an entire floor. As for clutter, you just have to get rid of it; mess is a health hazard for many reasons. If you or your kids can’t navigate your own home safely then you’re at risk of hurting yourself or even making it more difficult to get out of your house in the event of an emergency (obviously, that depends on the seriousness of your clutter problem). However, it’s about keeping your home clean as well as preventing tripping hazards. A messy home creates lots of hiding spots for dirt and even pests.

You might want to look into termite treatment to clean up your house if the decluttering process reveals insects that have infested your house. You can easily avoid such scenarios if you maintain a clean and tidy house in the future, however. It’s important for your health on all levels. Plus, tidier home is more pleasant in terms of aesthetic if you’re being honest with yourself. Tidy surroundings can help to create a tidier mind, so decluttering your home is healthy for you on a mental level too.

Keep the house well-ventilated.

You need to make sure that the air quality in your house is healthy for both you and your children. It’s smart to get a carbon monoxide alarm, first of all; many households don’t have one, but it’ll give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you’re not breathing in anything toxic. Additionally, you should make sure that your bathroom’s exhaust fan is vented outside so as to ensure that moisture isn’t trapped in the house. Otherwise, this can lead to mould developing which creates a very unhealthy household.

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Maintain a safe kitchen.

The kitchen should be one of the safest rooms in the house if you want to maintain a safe environment for yourself and everyone else in your household. Referring back to the point made in the point about ventilation, it’s also important that your kitchen’s exhaust fan is vented outside the house to avoid toxins remaining inside. For hygiene reasons, you should also avoid wearing long sleeves whilst cooking. And make sure you keep knives or other sharp kitchen utensils on shelves that are out of reach for small children. The same goes for medication or anything else you might keep in the kitchen that you wouldn’t want your kids to be able to access.