Every now and then you stumble upon a tool that is parenting gold…..  I’ve got one for you… It’s as simple as a brilliant bedtime story…

You know when you find a real gem because something thats been a challenge becomes so simple it feels like its too easy – almost like the change we experienced when we switched toothbrushes and suddenly our boy loves brushing his teeth.

Time for Bed the book by Mem Fox is the winner in our house this week.


It’s easy to read and within one round, my 2yo is asleep!  It’s rhythmic and gentle to read with gorgeous pics.

Time for Bed - Mem Fox


Time for Bed - Mem Fox

It’s so cute to read, I think we were given it a while ago and because it was paper pages it hadn’t been on the hit list until I packed the lighter books for our trip exploring Australia in a caravan.  In a way I’m glad I unknowing saved it, so it’s fresh and new.  As a mum, honestly I couldn’t be more chuffed, I thought moving out of the cot into a caravan bunk could be a nightmare but it’s all going really well.

Fingers crossed and I hope I haven’t jinxed it writing this post!

If you’re on the hunt for books these are some of our other favs:

Who sank the boat was another paper book that made the trip and was fab fun to read with my 2 year old this afternoon….

Let us know, what are the favourite books being read in your house at the moment?




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