As a parent, it’s so easy to put yourself and your needs to the bottom of the priority list. After all, when you have kids they will always come first. However this doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself completely, and actually investing in yourself and doing things for you can make you a happier and more productive parent. If you get the opportunity, here are three things you can do just for yourself to feel good and improve yourself as a person.

Take Up a Hobby

When life is all work and no play it can become tedious and monotonous. Routine is great as it allows you to get things done but it can also feel stifling, if you spend day in day out caring for kids, working and cleaning then going to sleep and repeating you’ll never enjoy life to the fullest. If you can, take up a new hobby– something you can do that you really like to do to brighten up your week. If you can’t leave the house to do this due to lack of childcare or practicalities, there are plenty of hobbies you can do from home. Blogging, art, crafts, baking- these are things that are fun and will teach you new skills. Since most hobbies have active communities online it’s a chance to meet new people too. You could join forums or Facebook groups and get in contact with those who also enjoy the hobby. If your kids are at school or you’re able to get out of the house for your hobby, how about a dance class, pottery lessons, even walking or going to the gym with a friend can be enjoyable and provide you with a much-needed break.

Invest in Your Appearance

As a busy mum, chances are you’re not winning any fashion shows with your day to day appearance. Most of us dress practically and comfortably to allow us to run errands and look after our kids without issues which is necessary in most cases. However it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your style and looks completely. Why not treat yourself to a new hair colour at the hairdresser, teeth whitening or a new outfit? That way when you do get the opportunity to dress up you look your best, and you still feel good about yourself day to day even though you’re not glammed up to the nines.

Learn Something New

As a parent, your main focus will be teaching your kids new things and making sure they are learning well to set them up for a successful future. But even as adults we still have plenty to learn ourselves, and staying curious and constantly improving yourself too sets a good example and can improve your family’s life. You could take on an online college or university course and do this during the evenings and weekends, which would improve your job prospects later on. You could take driving lessons and learn to drive, meaning your family would no longer be reliant on public transport. You could take a cooking class to improve the nutrition and quality of your family’s meals. Have a think about what would most likely benefit you and your family!
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